World’s largest! China develops 100-ton thrust electric vibration system

China Develops 100-Ton Thrust Electric Vibration System

On April 17th, according to CCTV News, the China Machinery Industry Federation recently held a technology achievement appraisal conference, announcing the successful development of a domestically produced 100-ton thrust electric vibration test system.

Vibration test systems can simulate the operational environment of equipment such as rockets, satellites, and aircraft during their operation, thereby assessing the reliability of equipment structure and performance. They are essential supporting devices for the development of industries such as aerospace and transportation.

Currently, this system has been deployed in China’s aerospace industry and has completed product testing multiple times.

China Develops 100-Ton Thrust Electric Vibration System

Academician Zhai Wanming of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stated that the 100-ton thrust is the highest in our country and the largest in the world. This vibration equipment has placed our country at a new high point in vibration test technology.

“This successful development has laid a good foundation for the high-quality development of these high-end equipment in our country’s future,” said Zhai Wanming.

China Develops 100-Ton Thrust Electric Vibration System

It is understood that with the development of China’s manned spaceflight, lunar exploration projects, and large-scale carrier rocket projects, the quality and size of aerospace equipment are constantly increasing, and the structures are becoming more complex.

To meet the mechanical environmental testing needs of these major components and even entire machines, the development of the 100-ton thrust electric vibration test system began in Suzhou in 2021.

The research team has solved many challenges, including system heat dissipation and cooling under high-power output conditions.

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