Foreign media exposes secrets behind iPhone recycling!

Revealing the Secrets Behind Apple’s iPhone Recycling

Fast Technology reported on April 19th that a column from a foreign media outlet has exposed the secrets behind Apple’s iPhone recycling program.

According to the report, Apple collaborates with the recycling company GEEP and pays them annually to process around 250,000 devices.

In the first two years of their partnership, Apple provided GEEP with over 530,000 iPhones, 25,000 iPads, and 19,000 Apple Watches.

During the processing, GEEP discovered that many of the products Apple instructed to be scrapped were still in working condition. Subsequently, after simple refurbishment, around 100,000 iPhones were shipped to China and sold for profit through the second-hand market.

Apple caught wind of GEEP’s actions, initially considering legal action against the company, but eventually decided against it.

The report stated that Apple chose to drop the lawsuit to avoid admitting in court that the scrapped devices were still usable, which starkly contrasts with the company’s advocacy for environmental sustainability.


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