Huawei P70 renamed Pura 70, Netizens: Meaning of ‘Pura’?

Last year at this time, the Huawei P60 had already been released. This year, everyone is still looking forward to the arrival of the next generation P70.

But unexpectedly, in recent days, Huawei suddenly announced that there would be no P70.

Well, not exactly no P70, it’s just that it has been splendidly upgraded to Pura.

Not only has the name been upgraded, but compared to the previous P series, Pura’s appearance is also quite different!

But first, let’s understand one thing: how should we pronounce “Pura”?

“Pu liao”? “Pu la”? “Piao liao”?

Actually, none of the above! It’s pronounced as “piu rua”!

The inspiration for the name Pura comes from Spanish, meaning pure and clean. This name carries a fresh vibe, doesn’t it sound very poetic?

However, this upgrade is not just a simple name change; it’s a completely new attempt.

What’s more interesting is that Huawei registered the trademark for Pura five years ago. They’ve had this plan for a long time, but the low-key Huawei hadn’t revealed it until now.

So, what surprises will the Huawei Pura bring us?

Reasons for the Upgrade of Huawei Pura

Huawei’s P series smartphones are known for their photography capabilities. The P series smartphones have performed quite well in photography, and not just that, they also emphasize on exterior design.

Huawei’s P series has been released since 2012 and has been around for 12 years now. The P series smartphones have witnessed the growth and changes of countless individuals.

As the successor to the P series, the Huawei Pura series will continue the fine tradition of the P series and further explore in intelligent imaging and technological aesthetics, setting off anew.

However, everyone is curious, why rename the P series to Pura?

According to analysis, this may be a signal from Huawei to gradually sub-brand its products, preparing for future development.

The Pura series is defined as “pure beauty”, which means Huawei’s design philosophy doesn’t follow the trend.

And the launch of the Pura series may just be the beginning; in the future, Huawei’s smartphones may continue to undergo meticulous differentiation.

Features of the Pura Series

The Pura series, also known as the “beautiful series”.

In the official released photos, Pura’s design is completely different from before. Especially its rear camera, adopting an equilateral triangular construction.

Apart from the camera design, the overall appearance of Pura 70 is very eye-catching. It adopts exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable design, making the entire phone look very beautiful.

Of course, some friends say this triangle is quite ugly.

Also, intelligent imaging has always been a major feature of Huawei’s P series smartphones, and in this iteration of the Pura series, this feature will be further perfected.

Whether in photography or video shooting, the HUAWEI Pura series will bring users an even better shooting experience.

Some say that the Pura series is likely aimed at competing with the iPhone. Huawei may hope to further seize the high-end smartphone market and engage in more intense competition with the iPhone through the upgrade of the Pura series.

Moreover, if the Pura series does indeed move towards the high-end route, the pricing of the products will correspondingly increase.

The previous standard version of the P60 started at 4488, while the standard version of the Huawei Pura 70 starts at 5499, which is 1000 yuan more expensive. In terms of price alone, it has deterred many potential buyers who were considering purchasing it.

In the future, Huawei may introduce more sub-brands based on different product features, embarking on the path of sub-branding!

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