Huawei Pura 70 Launches: A High-End Flagship Transformation

“Today marks the exciting launch of the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra and Huawei Pura 70 Pro, as they officially go on sale as part of the Pioneer Program.” At exactly 10:01 AM on April 18, following several days of speculative buzz and a buildup of anticipation, Huawei officially announced the news—there was no launch event; the sales kicked off directly.

The Huawei P series, which has been beloved for 12 years, is renowned for its innovative imaging technology and exquisite design aesthetics. Analysts believe that the upgraded HUAWEI Pura will carry forward the tradition of imaging innovation and design aesthetics of the P series. By constantly pushing the boundaries of technological aesthetics and smart imaging, it aims to lead the new fashion trends.

Here Comes the Huawei Pura 70 Series

According to Huawei’s announcement, the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra and Huawei Pura 70 Pro were the first to hit the market on April 18 at 10:08 AM. On April 22 at the same time, the Huawei Pura 70 Pro+ and Huawei Pura 70 will follow suit. The Pura 70 starts at 5499 yuan, the Pura 70 Pro at 6499 yuan, the Pura 70 Pro+ at 7999 yuan, and the Pura 70 Ultra at 9999 yuan.

Journalists logging into the Huawei Store discovered that the Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro went on sale promptly at 10:08 AM and sold out within about a minute. As of this release, the Huawei Store indicates that the Pura 70 Ultra series is temporarily out of stock, but some models of the Pura 70 Pro will still be available for sale on April 18 at 4:08 PM. Additionally, the first models to launch under the Pioneer Program were also available at Huawei’s offline stores. On the morning of the 18th, scores of consumers were seen queuing up at Huawei’s flagship store in Wangfujing, Beijing, surpassing the crowd levels usually seen for the Mate series.

On April 15, Huawei announced the rebranding of the P series to Pura, marking a fresh start with a brand-new persona. The newly upgraded Huawei Pura 70 series will debut as the first product of this new line.

Officially, the Huawei Pura 70 series features a new generation super gathering imaging system. The primary camera has a 1/1.3 inch large sensor and is equipped with the industry’s widest F1.4 physical aperture, enhancing light intake significantly. Moreover, the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra features a pioneering retractable primary camera which pops out during shooting, adorned with a distinctive red ring, allowing greater internal space and enhancing light intake while adding a touch of ceremony to the device. Integrated with the industry-first XD Motion engine, the camera system promises ultra-high-speed snapshot capabilities.

Additionally, the Huawei Pura 70 series comes equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 4.2, upgraded BeiDou satellite messaging capable of sending picture messages. The entire series supports AI touch-free interaction, smart sense payment, and integrates with the Pangu large model, bringing more smart applications such as AI cancellation and cloud enhancement.

“The glamorous transformation of HUAWEI Pura not only represents an important step in Huawei’s brand evolution but also reflects Huawei’s bold attempt to fuse technological innovation with artistic design,” industry observer Hong Shibin told reporters.

Continuing the Mobile Imaging Legacy

Huawei’s P series has historically been synonymous with the evolution of mobile imaging, highlighting the series’ strong imaging capabilities ingrained in the hearts of users.

Initially part of Huawei’s Ascend brand and positioned as a sub-flagship, the P series, over 12 years, transitioned into fashion aesthetics-focused and high-performing imaging devices, eventually positioning alongside the Mate series as Huawei’s high-end flagship smartphones.

Following the rebranding to HUAWEI Pura, the commitment to pioneering mobile imaging continues. Yu Chengdong commented, “Since its launch in 2012, the history of Huawei P series has mirrored the history of mobile imaging innovations, and Huawei will continue to invest in this area.”

As the Pura name suggests, analysts believe Huawei Pura represents a pursuit of purity and breaking past fashion conventions in the tech world. Hong Shibin believes that Huawei’s commitment to mobile imaging and design aesthetics not only redefines aesthetic standards for future flagship smartphones but also represents a rebirth and evolution of the brand, interpreting its core values in a deeper and purer manner.

Imagination Inspires Creation

With its new look and philosophy, HUAWEI Pura is set to deeply impact Huawei’s strategic placement in the high-end smartphone market.

Third-party institutions are optimistic about the upcoming Pura 70 series, predicting a significant growth in shipments. Guo Mingchi, an analyst from Tianfeng International Securities, compared it to the 2023 P60 series, predicting a potential 230% increase to 13-15 million units in 2024, given the strong replenishment needs.

According to Canalys, in Q4 2023, Huawei’s shipments reached 10.4 million units, a 47% year-over-year increase, ranking fourth among domestic smartphone vendors and continuing this growth trend into 2024. Counterpoint Research reports a 64% increase in the market share of Chinese smartphone sales in the first six weeks of 2024. DSCC anticipates Huawei overtaking Samsung in the foldable phone market share during the first and second quarters of 2024.

“Through the power of imagination and creativity, HUAWEI Pura redefines the past expressions of style in the tech world. Looking ahead, it, along with HUAWEI Mate, will leverage their strengths across different user segments, creating distinct brand images that complement each other and result in a win-win situation. This diversifies choices for consumers and strengthens Huawei’s powerful position in the high-end market, consolidating its leadership and enhancing its brand competitiveness,” said Hong Shibin.

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