Huawei Pura70 Ultra with New Kirin 9010 Chip Tested

[Pacific Tech News] The Huawei Pura 70 Pro/Ultra kicked off its Vanguard Program this morning, signaling the official market entry of these highly anticipated new devices. Currently, many offline stores have showcased the new devices, and some users have even purchased them through offline channels. After extensive testing by several bloggers and users, it was found that both the Pura 70 Pro and Ultra are equipped with the all-new Kirin chipset — the Kirin 9010.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra with new Kirin 9010 chip tested

According to digital bloggers, the Geekbench 6 test data for the Kirin 9010 shows that its single-core performance reaches 1442 points, equivalent to the Snapdragon 888, and about 11% higher than the Kirin 9000S. The multi-core performance reaches 4471 points, comparable to the Snapdragon 7+ Gen2, and about 8.5% higher than the Kirin 9000S. This news is exciting, indicating a significant improvement in the IPC design of the Kirin 9010 compared to the Kirin 9000S, and there may also be some improvements in the chip manufacturing process.

Kirin 9010 GK6 Benchmark

Kirin 9000S GK6 Benchmark

Kirin 9000s GK6 Benchmark

The release of the Huawei Pura 70 Pro/Ultra is undoubtedly going to ignite a frenzy in the tech community. As a new device equipped with the brand-new Kirin chipset, it is poised for tremendous success in the market, bringing Huawei more market share and revenue. We look forward to the performance of this new device and anticipate Huawei to continue introducing more outstanding products in the future.

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