Xiaomi SU7 stuns: Lei reveals 14yrs of expertise.

Xiaomi Unveils the Secret Behind Its Rapid Car Production

On April 18th, according to the latest from Kuai Technology, this afternoon, Lei Jun went live to chat with netizens about Xiaomi’s venture into the automotive industry.

During the livestream, Lei Jun addressed the skepticism surrounding Xiaomi’s ability to produce cars within just three years, surpassing the industry’s average speed by a significant margin.

Lei Jun explained that behind Xiaomi’s achievement of producing cars within three years lies the 14-year experience and technological accumulation of Xiaomi Group in intelligent manufacturing.

Xiaomi's 14 Years of Expertise

Furthermore, Liu Tao, CEO of Zhi Ji Auto, recently wrote that Xiaomi’s car production journey began from scratch, developing the first complete vehicle within three years, starting from the native platform and engaging in a complex series of vehicle and component testing and validation over 2-3 years.

Despite various optimizations, achieving such efficiency and speed seemed beyond reach. How did they manage to accomplish it?

Lei Jun provided an explanation, citing Xiaomi’s 14 years of entrepreneurial experience and accumulation, along with the establishment of a highly reliable R&D team. Currently, Xiaomi boasts a team of approximately three to four thousand engineers, with at least one thousand being experts, who have helped Xiaomi avoid many pitfalls.

Moreover, China’s industrial chain provides a solid foundation, making it extremely conducive to producing smart electric vehicles. Therefore, if one avoids unnecessary detours, producing the first car within three years becomes a feasible endeavor.

Xiaomi's R&D Team

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