Xiaomi’s rapid 3-yr journey to SU7 baffles many. Lei Jun cites 14-yrs of expertise

Xiaomi’s Rapid 3-Year Journey to Success Baffles Many; Lei Jun Cites 14 Years of Expertise

On April 18, Tech Quick reported that this afternoon, Lei Jun went live to chat with netizens about Xiaomi’s venture into the automotive industry.

During the live session, Lei Jun addressed the confusion some people expressed online regarding Xiaomi’s ability to develop a car within just three years, much faster than the industry average.

Lei Jun explained that behind Xiaomi’s achievement of creating a car in three years lies the 14 years of smart manufacturing experience and technological accumulation of Xiaomi Group.

Xiaomi's Rapid 3-Year Journey

Moreover, CEO of Zhiji Auto, Liu Tao, had previously stated that Xiaomi’s automotive journey began three years ago when they started developing the platform. Within 2-3 years, they completed a series of complex tests and verification plans for both the vehicle and its components.

Many wondered how they managed to achieve such efficiency and speed.

Lei Jun explained that Xiaomi has accumulated 14 years of entrepreneurial experience and has built a very reliable R&D team. Currently, there are approximately three to four thousand engineers, with at least one thousand being experts. These experts have helped Xiaomi avoid many pitfalls along the way.

Furthermore, China’s industrial chain is well-established, especially for smart electric vehicles. So, with no detours taken in three years, there was a chance to produce the first car successfully.

Xiaomi's Rapid 3-Year Journey

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