Xiaomi SU7 Standard’s NOA Avoids Cones: Explained

Fast Technology reported on April 19th that Xiaomi Motors released the 22nd episode of “Xiaomi SU7 Answers Fans’ Questions” tonight.

One netizen asked whether the Xiaomi SU7 standard version with high-speed NOA can avoid traffic cones.

Xiaomi Motors explained that the Xiaomi SU7 standard version is equipped with Xiaomi Pilot Pro, which currently performs better in handling scenarios with three or more traffic cones. This functionality will be upgraded in subsequent OTA updates.

At the same time, Xiaomi Motors introduced that the Xiaomi Pilot Max version comes with laser radar and a supercomputing platform, which currently has the ability to more accurately identify obstacles. The actual experience of high-speed NOA is expected to be better with Xiaomi Pilot Max than with Xiaomi Pilot Pro.

In the future, as Xiaomi Motors continuously optimizes and upgrades its pure visual solution algorithms, the experience of both versions will improve.

Xiaomi SU7 Standard NOA Avoids Cones Explained

It is reported that Xiaomi’s intelligent driving has two solutions: the Pro pure visual version and the Max visual+laser radar version.

Both intelligent driving solutions are based on the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin computing platform. Regardless of the configuration, they are based on the same technology and all support the experience of intelligent driving assistance features.

Xiaomi SU7 Standard NOA Avoids Cones Explained

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