Huawei Pura 70 with HarmonyOS 4.2, Unique Style!

HUAWEI Pura 70 Series: A New Era of Style and Interaction with HarmonyOS 4.2

On the morning of April 18th, the HUAWEI Pura 70 Series was officially released, meeting the expectations of many fans eagerly anticipating Huawei’s new device. With its innovative design and upgraded name, the HUAWEI Pura 70 Series embodies Huawei’s commitment to a fresh start. Simultaneously, the HarmonyOS 4.2 was announced last week, bringing enhancements in AI-powered smart operations, smooth user experience, and enhanced system security, among other features. Among these upgrades, the interactive themes stand out, offering richer, more entertaining, and attention-grabbing features to users.

HUAWEI Pura 70 with HarmonyOS 4.2

Themes and wallpapers on smartphones serve as crucial means for users to express their personalities. Throughout the iterations of HarmonyOS releases, personalized themes have continuously evolved alongside technological advancements, consistently bringing more surprises to users. In HarmonyOS 4.2, based on the “guiding light” design of the HUAWEI Pura 70 Series, a new set of geometric elements is introduced. Combined with new smart capabilities, five new interactive themes—Geometric Stickers, Geometric Party, Mood Stickers, Mood Party, and Fun Scenes—are introduced, allowing users to interact based on eye-tracking technology, providing a novel visual interaction experience.

Geometric Stickers & Geometric Party: Interactive Visuals

Inspired by modern pop art, Geometric Stickers and Geometric Party themes feature repeated geometric elements and vibrant colors, presenting a youthful, individualistic, and fashionable attitude. These themes express different emotions through various eye shapes.

During the setup process, users can select different geometric images to create dynamic themes that reflect their personalities. Besides geometric shapes, these themes also support elements like the Chinese zodiac signs, popular festivals, and trendy sports, enabling users to tailor their themes for different occasions or moods. As users interact with these themes, stickers dynamically move across the screen based on the user’s eye movements, creating playful and cute effects when touched or clicked.

Geometric Stickers & Geometric Party

Fun Scenes: A Playful Tennis Match

In the Fun Scenes theme, geometric figures transform into two “tennis aces,” allowing users to control their movements by moving their eyes up and down, simulating a lively tennis match anytime, anywhere.

Fun Scenes

Mood Themes: Expressive and Entertaining

Last year’s HarmonyOS 4 introduced the beloved QQ Bouncing Ball Mood Theme, and with HarmonyOS 4.2, this theme receives an upgrade with more fun expressions, offering over 1500 emoticons for users to freely mix and match. Additionally, two new layout options—Stickers and Party—are introduced, allowing users to create various themes according to their current mood and enjoy the rhythmic elements on the screen, bringing joy through technology.

Mood Themes

Each upgrade of HarmonyOS integrates cutting-edge technologies, enhancing usability while allowing users to express their personalities anytime, anywhere, thus providing a more enjoyable and entertaining user experience. HarmonyOS 4.2 successfully combines innovative technologies with personal expression, bringing new excitement to users. The official HarmonyOS 4.2 Hundred Device Upgrade Plan has been announced, and a beta testing activity is available for models such as HUAWEI Mate 60, X5, Pocket 2, nova 12, etc. Users of these models can sign up for the beta test through the “My Huawei” app > Home > Upgrade Beta Test > Multi-device Beta Test. The support for the mentioned features may vary depending on the device and version. Nevertheless, we believe that HarmonyOS will continue to evolve rapidly, bringing more enjoyable user experiences to consumers!

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