October Release! Xiaomi 15 Pro revealed to have upright and periscope versions.

快科技May 6th report, blogger Digital Chitchat Station hinted that the Xiaomi 15 Pro engineering model has been tested with two versions of telephoto lens: upright and periscope, but the final telephoto solution has not yet been decided.

Compared to the upright telephoto, the periscope-style telephoto has a more complex and advanced structure. Because of the horizontal placement, the body can accommodate a larger and higher-quality sensor, reducing the constraints on the quality and characteristics of optical devices along the optical path. It can also house a better stabilization module, bringing better image quality, longer focal length, and more stable shots.

Therefore, in the comments section, many netizens hope that the periscope telephoto version can be retained.

Xiaomi 14 Pro

Additionally, the Xiaomi 15 Pro continues the 2K screen solution from the previous generation, adopting a 2K new substrate full-depth curved screen. The screen size remains largely unchanged from the previous generation (Xiaomi 14 Pro had a screen size of 6.73 inches), with three 50-megapixel rear cameras using square Deco design, and the main camera featuring OIS optical stabilization.

In terms of core configuration, the Xiaomi 15 Pro’s initial batch will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 platform, and the new product will debut in October.

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