Apple Allegedly Developing AI Chip for Data Centers, Codenamed AOC

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Currently, artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest fields. However, compared to giants like Microsoft and Google, Apple seems to lag behind in the field of artificial intelligence.

Apple allegedly developing AI chip for data centers codenamed AOC

Apple Reportedly Developing AI Chip for Data Centers

On May 7th, CNMO noted that, according to the latest reports, Apple has secretly been developing its own data center AI chip named ACDC for several years. The primary goal of this project is to provide powerful AI processing capabilities for the company’s data center servers. Although the specific release date has not been announced, this chip will undoubtedly further enhance Apple’s competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to developing AI chips, Apple is also planning to use artificial intelligence technology to optimize its iOS operating system. Recently, Digitimes reported that Apple plans to optimize iOS 18 with its proprietary large language model, Ajax. Siri is expected to undergo a major overhaul, but the company will not introduce AI chatbots like ChatGPT.

Furthermore, on May 7th, Apple is set to host a special event online called “Take Flight.” According to previous reports, Apple will unveil all-new iPad Pro and iPad Air models at this event, along with the introduction of a new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. It is reported that the new iPad Pro will be equipped with the brand-new M4 chip, along with the use of more advanced OLED screen technology. The body may be thinner and lighter, and the front camera may be relocated to the horizontal border for the first time.

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