No need to wait for ‘618’, prices of iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max dropped by ¥610.2?

No need to wait for 618, Apple has reduced the prices of iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max by ¥610.2? The price cuts this year are really substantial. Even before the release of iPhone 16, the 15 PM model has dropped to just over 8,000 yuan. It’s impressive how there’s no need to wait for the mid-year shopping festival; you can just go for it.

However, it’s understandable. Since 2023, major smartphone manufacturers have adopted a “rollout king” strategy, especially domestic ones. Not only are the prices consumer-friendly, but the specifications are top-notch as well. Domestic sales have been excellent too. According to TechInsights, OPPO leads the Chinese market with a 16.9% share, followed closely by Honor and Huawei. Even on the international stage, domestic brands are performing strongly. According to the latest rankings from Canalys, three domestic manufacturers are in the top, with OPPO firmly at the fourth position globally, shipping 25 million units. It holds a top-three market share in over ten countries, gaining a leading edge in markets like Indonesia and Cambodia.

This success is also attributed to the excellence of their products. Take OPPO’s Find X7 series, for example. It’s the first in the industry to introduce a 7-billion-endpoint data model and the first to pass the AI testing by the Teclab under China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. With over a hundred AI functions, features like the New Xiao Bu Assistant, AI Noise Cancellation, AI Call Summary, and AI Interview have been highly praised. Moreover, additional AI functions can be added via OTA updates. For instance, the Reno11 series excels not only in portrait photography but also in AI noise cancellation, which is one of the most popular AI features. It’s no wonder they continue to sell well.

It feels like even iPhone 16 might face some pressure this year. If it doesn’t come up with something groundbreaking, there’s no rush to grab it upon release. Waiting for discounts on Double Eleven might just be the smarter move.

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