Alibaba HQ Opens in Hangzhou

Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters Opens New Campus

On May 10, the Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters, located in the Future Technology City, officially opened its doors. This campus stands as Alibaba’s largest comprehensive office area to date. From an aerial view, the campus prominently features Alibaba’s iconic smiling face logo.

Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters

According to reports, the Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters adheres to the design concept of “green, technological, and sustainable.” It has implemented a comprehensive intelligent office system using IoT and AI technologies and precisely regulates the campus energy consumption through a “carbon reduction brain.”

The Hangzhou Global Headquarters employs IoT and AI technologies to achieve a complete intelligent office system, covering scenarios from smart offices and meetings to intelligent restaurants, smart post offices, and automated parking. Employees can independently manage various aspects of their workspace such as air conditioning temperature, lighting brightness, turning lights on and off, and utilizing meeting room projection equipment, all through scanning QR codes located at each workstation.

Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters Innovation - "Carbon Reduction Brain"

The Alibaba campus innovatively designed the “carbon reduction brain,” digitizing 99% of IoT devices. This system can precisely regulate air conditioning and lighting systems based on weather conditions, the number of people entering the campus, and other factors, achieving scientific carbon reduction. With the help of this system, the West Lake A and B districts alone achieved a carbon reduction of 2866.2 tons in the 2023 fiscal year.

On the same day, Alibaba’s Chaoyang Technology Park in Beijing was also officially inaugurated. May 10 also marks the 20th “Alibaba Day.” On the opening day of the two new campuses, Alibaba welcomed its employees and friends to visit and celebrate the commencement of the new campuses together.

It is reported that Alibaba has office campuses or locations in more than 150 cities in China and 25 countries and regions overseas. Choosing Hangzhou as the location for its global headquarters is rooted in the company’s history and growth in the city, symbolizing its global outlook.

With the official opening of Alibaba’s Hangzhou Global Headquarters (West Lake C District), the West Lake A District will serve as the headquarters for domestic e-commerce businesses such as Taobao and Tmall. The Alibaba Digital Eco-Innovation Park (West Lake B District) will be developed into an open ecosystem to better serve upstream and downstream ecological enterprises.

Alibaba Hangzhou Global Headquarters Smiley Garden

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