Alibaba HQ Opens in Hangzhou

Alibaba Unveils New Headquarters in Hangzhou and Beijing

On May 10th, Alibaba’s new global headquarters in Hangzhou, located in the Future Technology City, was officially inaugurated. This marks Alibaba’s largest comprehensive office park to date. Simultaneously, Alibaba’s Chaoyang Science Park in Beijing was also officially opened. May 10th also commemorated the 20th “Alibaba Day”, with both parks opening to Alibaba’s friends and family on their first day, extending a warm welcome to celebrate the launch of the new premises together.

Alibaba HQ

The central plaza of the park features Alibaba’s iconic smiling face logo, symbolizing customer satisfaction and reflecting Alibaba’s founding vision of being rooted in Hangzhou while facing the world, representing the commitment to “making it easy to do business anywhere”. The Hangzhou global headquarters adheres to the design principles of “green, technology, and sustainability”. It utilizes IoT and AI technologies to establish a comprehensive smart office system, innovatively incorporating a “carbon reduction brain” for precise control of energy consumption in the park. The park can accurately adjust air conditioning and lighting systems based on weather conditions, number of occupants, and other factors, achieving scientific carbon reduction. With this system, the West Lake A and B parks alone achieved a carbon reduction of 2866.2 tons in the 2023 fiscal year.

The seven office buildings in the park are connected by a circular corridor approximately 800 meters long, featuring abundant flexible office spaces to facilitate free communication and discussion among employees. Additionally, the park includes a FIFA-certified standard football field, a 400-meter track, as well as various basketball courts, badminton courts, and gym facilities. Each building is equipped with maternity restrooms, nursing rooms, and accessibility facilities to accommodate employees with special needs.

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