Meizu 21 Note Launch on May 16

On the morning of May 10th, Star Era Meizu Group officially announced that the “Flyme AIOS and Meizu 21 Note Smartphone Special Forces Launch Event” will be broadcasted live online at 14:30 on May 16th. The brand new Flyme AIOS, the smartphone special forces – Meizu 21 Note, and three other AI new products and series of technological products will make their debut together, marking a new stage of AI-enabled technological products.

Meizu 21 Note Launch on May 16

“AI New Realm, New Experience Everywhere”: the brand new Flyme AIOS will integrate native AI capabilities from the source, showcasing the true power of AI in various user scenarios. Breaking away from the traditional system + AI concept, it combines the two, deeply developing interactive perception aspects such as human-computer interaction design, Aicy intelligent assistant experience, and AI auxiliary functions, bringing a whole new Flyme AIOS system experience.

At the same time, the appearance of the “smartphone special forces” Meizu 21 Note was unveiled for the first time, boasting flagship performance and a 5500mAh ultra-large battery. With flagship design and exquisite texture, it inherits Meizu’s rigorous requirements for flagship product craftsmanship at the “special forces” level; the dynamic Aicy ring, screen white panel, and industry-unique highlights will continue to shine.

In the face of a new global AI storm and a wave of hardware performance reshaping, Star Era Meizu Group aims to seize this launch event as an important opportunity. By empowering the brand new Flyme AIOS with AI and enhancing the Meizu 21 Note with outstanding experiences, it leads the transformation and comprehensive layout in the AI field. What breakthroughs and surprises Star Era Meizu Group will bring at this launch event, please stay tuned for the online broadcast on May 16th at 14:30.

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