Sales of Honor X50 skyrocket past 10 million! The benchmark model setting industry trends.

Recently, a smartphone model launched almost a year ago has made a comeback. It’s none other than Honor’s “Warrior withstanding impacts from all sides,” the Honor X50, released in July 2023. What’s astonishing is that it has now racked up over 10 million units sold. This figure is remarkable, given the generally declining smartphone shipments in recent years.

On May 10, Wuzhou Jiang, CMO of Honor China, announced that the Honor X50, the crowning product in the X series celebrating its tenth anniversary, has exceeded 10 million sales in less than a year—making it the first, and thus far the only, Android model to achieve this volume since 2023.

In the year since the Honor X50 release, various brands have joined the “smartphone impact-resistance” trend initiated by Honor. This move confirms Honor’s prediction that comprehensive impact-protection would become a standard feature. Increased emphasis on impact-resistant capabilities across the industry draws the attention of consumers, putting forward a healthily competitive market that is beneficial for both manufacturers and users.

As the “Warrior withstanding impacts from all sides”, the Honor X50 measures product quality in terms of “impact-resistance”. Only if it withstands multiple trials and tribulations can it be seen as a good quality product. Not long after it first went on sale, Honor X50, thanks to its impact-resistant and sturdy build, claimed first place in Android phone sales in the 1500 yuan+ category. It even made it into the list of best-selling smartphones in October 2023 despite its price tag—a rare achievement for a mid-range phone.

The X series of Honor keeps setting benchmarks with countless classics and unprecedented features, which embodies no limit to quality improvement. Among Honor’s product lineup, the X series represents the brand’s commitment to the mainstream consumers—offering technologically advanced, robust products that defy assumptions about what each new generation can bring, with fantastic cost-to-performance ratios.

Honor X50 precisely addresses consumers’ pain points and demands. Reliable hardware, superior workmanship, stable communication, and a smooth system significantly enhance its competitiveness. The high-quality Honor X series is the key to its longevity in the market, and the Honor X50 continues this successful trend, making it possible to achieve the remarkable sales milestone of over 10 million units in just 10 months—an average of 1 million units sold every month, or one every three seconds.

In everyday life, it’s common for smartphones to be dropped or knocked around. Everyone seems to assume that falls and accidents are inevitable. To address this concern, Honor X50 greatly raises the fall-protection standard with an innovative “three-dimensional” protective system, much inspired by hydraulic technology. With innovative processes and materials, the phone can “land softly,” reducing the risk of broken screens.

The primary level of protection is applied to the screen speaker, strengthening the physical protection on the side of the panel and increasing its resistance to oil and sweat. The secondary level of protection is applied where the screen meets the frame, absorbing up to 1.2 times the impact force. Finally, the third level of protection consists of filling all internal gaps, holding all tiny internal components firmly in place.

This “three-dimensional” protective system, along with innovative buffering materials, has allowed Honor X50 to pass ruggedness tests even more stringent than the previous ones. For instance, its resilience against impacts has been increased by 25%, and its fall-resistance standard has been raised from up to 1 meter to 1.5 meters.

As a mid-range smartphone, the Honor X50 excels in all domains—performance, impact resistance, display, and battery life, outperforming similarly priced competitors. Its high quality allows it to withstand everyday minor accidents, while its powerful battery ensures a lasting experience.

For consumers, the Honor X50 stands as an embodiment of ‘consumer-centricism’; it’s essentially a classic of the always reliable Honor X series. Its breakthrough sale of over 10 million units further validates Honor’s leading market share in the domestic market, where it is the top Android brand in smartphone shipments in both Q4 and throughout 2023. Despite predictions that Honor might struggle after the strong resurgence of Huawei in late 2023, all evidence shows Honor thriving, becoming the brand with the largest overall market share in China, leading the recovery of the smartphone market.

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