vivo X100 Series Makes Waves: Ultra Model Launches May 13

After a period of precipitation, vivo has once again launched a brand new product for the vivo X100 series! Recently, vivo executive Jia Jingdong announced on Weibo that on May 13th, the latest member of the vivo X100 series will be unveiled. This is not only another breakthrough for vivo in the smartphone field but also a significant milestone in the research of imaging technology!

vivo has responded to the voices of the masses by adopting a “full-screen” design for the X100s this time, better meeting the needs of new users. With a variety of carefully coordinated high-value color shells, not only does the phone look more outstanding, but it also satisfies users’ demands for personalized expression. In terms of performance, the vivo X100s is equipped with the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ flagship chip, bringing users an unprecedented smooth experience. Its outstanding performance has been recognized by various evaluation platforms, with the third-party evaluation platform Antutu giving it a score as high as 2.3 million, surpassing 99% of users, which is enough to prove its strength.

The launch of the vivo X100 Ultra is a “masterpiece of the peak” completed by vivo, Zeiss, and various supply chains together. As vivo’s first Ultra phone, the X100 Ultra brings an unprecedented imaging experience with its pioneering Blueprint imaging technology, 200-megapixel APO Zeiss telephoto lens, and a 50-megapixel LYT-900 main camera. The addition of CIPA 4.5-level gimbal stabilization technology ensures stability and clarity when shooting in complex environments. In addition, the vivo X100 Ultra also integrates the five major telephoto imaging extreme functions successfully launched before, and introduces the new “Stage Telephoto” function, making it easy to capture every exciting moment of idol performances at concerts and other scenes in the future.

As the flagship sequel of vivo, the vivo X100 series excels in appearance design, internal performance, and imaging. At the press conference on May 13th, vivo will present more details and features of the new products in the X100 series sequel. It is believed that the new products of the vivo X100 series will once again redefine everyone’s understanding of imaging smartphones and bring users a more outstanding user experience. Let us look forward to this feast of technology and aesthetics together!

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