Samsung plans to produce 30 million Galaxy S24 units.

Samsung Electronics has set its production plan for the Galaxy S24 series at about 30 million units. Galaxy S24 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone to be launched early next year, and Samsung Electronics plans to increase its output by 10% over the previous model. According to analysis, thanks to the rebound of the smartphone market and the good sales of the previous work Galaxy S23, the production plan for the next generation products is set very high. Samsung Electronics also plans to start mass production of related components in advance.

The Galaxy S24 series remains the same as its predecessor, consisting of three models: the basic model, Plus, and Ultra. Among them, the basic and high-end models are respectively 7.5 million units and 15 million units, with Ultra accounting for half.

According to analysis, this is to maintain the proportion of high value-added product Ultra and maximize profitability. The production proportion of the previous Ultra has also exceeded 50%. The Korean ex-factory price of Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB is 1.5994 million won, which is 38% and 18% higher than the prices of the same storage capacity basic model and Plus respectively.

The volume of 30 million new products is about 10% higher than its predecessor. It is reported that Samsung Electronics set a production plan for the Galaxy S23 series of about 27 to 28 million units last year. “The output of Galaxy S24 may change according to market conditions, but it is currently planned to produce more than the previous one,” said an industry insider.

Some analysts believe that the Galaxy S23 has sold well, therefore, the volume of new products has increased. According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, the Galaxy S23 series launched in February this year sold 18.63 million units in six months, and the “Galaxy S22” series sold 15.1 million units.

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