Samsung is set to send out invitations for its “Galaxy Unpacked” event on January 2nd.

Samsung is likely to have already developed its product release plan for 2024, with the main goal of reclaiming lost global market share in the face of numerous competitors, including Apple. This South Korean giant is expected to kickstart its new year plans at the Galaxy S24 launch event on January 17th. However, before making the official announcement, the company will send out official invitations to media outlets and YouTube personalities to attend Galaxy Unpacked 2024, with rumors suggesting that these invitations will be sent out on January 2nd.

The Galaxy Unpacked 2024 invitation may come with some early bird offers for pre-ordering any flagship model.

Prior to @MysteryLupin leaking the invitation information, it was revealed that Galaxy Unpacked 2024 will be held on January 17th in San Jose, California, with the release expected to start at 10:00 AM local time. Usually, companies like Samsung and Apple send out invitations to different guests two weeks prior to the actual event, but this time it’s being sent out 15 days in advance. However, depending on the time zone they are in, this time difference may also turn into 14 days.

It is well known that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra at the Unpacked conference. Based on previously leaked specifications and feature information, this flagship series is expected to introduce functionalities such as “real-time translation,” “generative editing,” and “night scene zoom.” The Galaxy S24 Plus will receive its first hardware upgrade, making it comparable to the Galaxy S24 Ultra in this aspect, but its smaller price tag may encourage consumers to choose the mid-range model instead of splurging on the top-tier version.

Furthermore, Samsung is expected to offer some incentives for early adopters of the Galaxy S24, who can receive discounts through pre-orders that can be redeemed for future purchases.

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