Huawei reportedly ends collaboration with other car platforms, plans own app.

[CNMO News] On January 3rd, reports emerged that HarmonyOS Auto (by Huawei) has ended its partnership with the three major automobile platforms—Autohome, Dongche Master, and Easy Car. This news caused a substantial stir in the automobile industry. It is said that Huawei voluntarily terminated its collaborations with these companies, and the associated member services have been discontinued at its stores. Now, when users try to search for HarmonyOS Auto models on these car platforms, they can no longer find any related retail information. There is speculation that HarmonyOS Auto might develop its own app.

This decision, however, had some prior indications. On December 5th of the previous year, Dongche Master released its winter test scores. The result showed that the electric driving range of several electric vehicles wasn’t satisfactory; only three models had an electric range achievement rate of over 50%. These were the BYD Yuanz U8 (85.08%), BYD Song PLUS DM-i (63.80%) and Ideal L7 (51.26%). Cars like the Great Wall Motors’ Wey Gao Shan DHT-PHEV (46.29%), Haval M7 (35.83%), Geely’s Galaxy L6 (32.32%), and LYNK & CO’s 08 EM-P (31.68%) did not perform well either. HarmonyOS Auto’s M7 had an even lower achievement rate of just 31.6%.

Upon the release of Dongche Master’s winter testing scores, Huawei and Great Wall Motors among others were not at all pleased. Yu Chengdong, a senior executive at Huawei, dubbed the test as “a scam that misleads the public” on his social network. Geely’s vice president, Yang Xueliang, lashed out at the test calling it “unscientific and not strict, the conclusion is not convincing”. Great Wall Motors even issued seven initiatives for new energy vehicle environmental testing, arguing that the test undermined Dongche Master’s own credibility.

At present, whether Huawei’s HarmonyOS Auto will continue to cooperate with major car platforms is yet to be seen. One thing is clear—Huawei’s influence in the field of smart cars will continue to grow, and its brand image and market strategy will remain the focus of industry attention.

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