Huawei: Official Choice for Execs!

Recently, it was reported that Yili, a well-known Chinese dairy company, has mandated that all of its senior executives use Huawei smartphones. In a lighthearted manner, Yili jokingly stated that for every ten senior executives, there are ten using Huawei phones on average. In simpler terms, it means that for every Yili executive using a Huawei phone, there is one Huawei phone being used by a Yili executive.

Yili Huawei

It is understood that Yili is the first domestic dairy enterprise to join the Harmony OS ecosystem. According to official sources, in 2024, Yili’s membership cards will be available on Huawei devices and will officially launch on January 25th. This signifies that Yili’s products and services will reach consumers more extensively through Huawei’s smart devices, providing consumers with a more intelligent and personalized consumer experience.

It is reported that over 200 top applications are currently accelerating the development of native Harmony OS applications, forming a complete native application landscape. With the participation of numerous partners such as Ant Group and China UnionPay, open-domain innovation capabilities, together with the foundational capabilities of Harmony OS, are providing developers with efficient end-to-end development tools, further accelerating the development of native Harmony OS applications. Currently, Harmony OS open classes have been held at 135 universities, with 305 universities participating, 286 companies attending the Harmony OS Eco-school, and over 380,000 developers certified by Harmony OS.

Harmony OS
Harmony OS

Furthermore, at the Harmony OS Ecosystem Sailing Ceremony held on January 18th, Huawei announced the opening of applications for HarmonyOS NEXT, the “Harmony OS Galaxy” version, for developers. The “Harmony OS Galaxy” version will achieve six ultimate native experiences: delicacy, ease of use, smoothness, security, intelligence, and interconnection. The launch of this new version will further enrich and improve the Harmony OS ecosystem, attracting more developers to participate in the construction of the Harmony OS ecosystem.

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