OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Edition Coming Soon

The Impact of Customized Mobile Phones with Popular IPs

Mobile phone sales primarily rely on product strength, undoubtedly. However, both brands and consumers are well aware that the addition of a popular IP to a blockbuster model can have a significant multiplier effect. Consequently, customized phones with the support of popular IPs have been emerging one after another, with the aim of further increasing the exposure and attention of the phones.

For customized phones, the biggest draw lies in the enhancement of appearance brought by the IP attributes, beyond the conventional color schemes. Achieving this requires not only exquisite design capabilities but also, more importantly, catering to the aesthetic preferences of today’s young people. Therefore, although there are many customized phones on the market, to be honest, the level of quality varies. However, O-series has managed to do well in terms of customization, with OnePlus being particularly popular. Have you ever used a customized OnePlus phone?

In recent years, OnePlus has released several limited edition collaborations or gift boxes, each time causing quite a stir in the market. The gift box for the OnePlus 9RT includes a Genshin Impact customized gift box with various customized accessories, showing considerable thoughtfulness. OnePlus Ace2 Pro also launched a Genshin Impact Paimon customized gift box, with a simple white gift box featuring gold lines and diamond patterns, and the Paimon logo in the middle. Inside the flip cover, in addition to the phone, there is a Paimon acrylic ornament, which is very practical.

While gift boxes provide a grand sense of ceremony, OnePlus excels in customizing blockbuster models both inside and out. For example, the Genshin Impact Limited Edition of OnePlus Ace Pro comes in a highly ceremonial red box with the texture design of Liyue Harbor from the Genshin Impact game, along with an acrylic desktop ornament. Other items including phone cases, chargers, are all imbued with Genshin Impact elements, with even the SIM card pin designed based on the Staff of Homa, showing great attention to detail.

As for the phone itself, the glass back has a deep brown texture, adorned with flame-style accents around the edges, and the brand logo in the middle, with a butterfly logo in the top right corner. Upon unlocking, the UI and icons are deeply customized, along with Genshin Impact-style elements integrated into various interactive scenes, making the phone fully Genshin-ized inside and out.

OnePlus Ace2 also introduced a Genshin Impact customized edition, with the red body enhanced by the fire element carried by the main character Xiangling, while the leather back and the stitching texture on both sides enhance the texture. Additionally, the system UI and icons have also been redrawn, making it another rare customized edition phone. With such a deeply customized Genshin appearance, coupled with the top-notch performance and gaming support of the Ace series, can the experience be anything short of exceptional?

Returning to the present, not long ago, the OnePlus Ace3 stood out from the mid-range market with its top-notch gaming experience, marking the beginning of OnePlus’s path in customization once again. Recently, the official release of the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact limited edition featuring the character Keqing was announced, showcasing the brilliance of the Thunderclap Sword. This custom edition will use the character Keqing, one of the seven stars of Liyue, and the phone will likely be dressed in a new purple outfit, pushing the phone’s texture, gaming attributes, and personalization to the limit.

However, compared to previous releases, this OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing custom edition not only has seen an upgrade in customization but will also undergo more technical optimizations in the Genshin Impact gaming experience. This indicates that in addition to the originally top-notch gaming experience, this custom edition will see corresponding optimizations in terms of fluency, high-frame modes, and touchscreen experience. Furthermore, with its outstanding heat dissipation, top-notch screen display, responsive handling, as well as signal, audio quality, haptic feedback, and more, one can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to play Genshin Impact on the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing custom edition.

Of course, the above is just our speculation, and the specific information about the OnePlus Ace3 Genshin Impact Keqing custom edition will have to be confirmed by the official announcement. Nevertheless, with its powerful hardware performance and game optimizations, the OnePlus Ace3 is already one of the most worthwhile performance-focused phones in the current 2,000-plus price range. Additionally, its appearance quality, screen quality, imaging capabilities, and various experiential aspects are all solidly at the flagship level, showcasing remarkable product strength. As the Genshin Impact custom edition is set to be released by February 28th, aren’t gaming enthusiasts and especially Genshin Impact players inclined to make a reservation?

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