Samsung S24 Series Launched, AI Stars

Samsung and OPPO Introduce AI Features in Their Latest Flagship Phones

Recently, Samsung officially unveiled the annual flagship product of the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. However, unlike previous launch events, the focus this time is not on hardware upgrades, but on a brand-new AI. With the S24 series, Samsung has introduced several new AI-exclusive features, including Instant Search and Translate during calls. In the imaging department, AI technology has also been integrated. It’s fair to say that AI technology is now the core competitiveness of the Samsung S24 series.

Samsung Galaxy S24

For example, the new Instant Search feature, customized by Google for Samsung, allows users to simply long-press the virtual button on the main screen to circle an area in any image. The phone will then automatically search for and display relevant content within the circle, all without needing to switch apps. There’s also the real-time translation feature during calls, which can be activated with a single tap on the call interface, supporting 13 languages directly on the device to ensure user privacy. The speech-to-text feature not only uses AI to convert speech to text in meetings but also recognizes different speakers, significantly boosting productivity for business professionals.

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

In 2024, it seems that fully embracing AI has become a consensus for all smartphone brands other than iPhone. From Google to Huawei, from OPPO to Samsung, almost all brands have integrated AI into their products. For instance, the #OPPO Find X7# series, released earlier, also incorporates a 7-billion-parameter AI model at the device level, bringing several practical AI features and a user experience that is not inferior to the Samsung S24 series.

AI Smart Call Summary

Let’s first examine the AI Smart Call Summary feature. With just one tap on the call interface, this feature can extract and summarize key information from calls, such as time, location, phone numbers, names, and to-do items. This information can then be used for various intelligent operations like creating schedules and navigating to addresses. The content of the call is also summarized in real-time and saved in the phone’s notes. For those who frequently engage in phone conversations or business calls, the AI Smart Call Summary feature of the OPPO Find X7 series is incredibly practical.

OPPO Find X7 AI Smart Call Summary

AIGC Erase

In terms of image features, the Find X7 series as an #OPPO AI phone# introduces the new AIGC Erase feature, also built on a large AI model. This results in precise recognition and very fast response times. Following a photo capture, users can open the editing option in the gallery to use the AIGC Erase feature. By simply circling the object to be erased, AI will automatically identify and remove it and then fill in details and textures seamlessly, leaving almost no trace of the erasure. For avid photographers, this feature is nothing short of a lifesaver for salvaging pictures.

OPPO Find X7 AIGC Erase

Instant Object Selection

Similar to AIGC Erase is the Instant Object Selection feature. When selecting objects in a photo, a gentle tap on the image will automatically identify the main subject, including people, pets, buildings, cars, and fruits, with millisecond-level response times and no delay. For subjects like pets, the precision reaches the level of individual hair strands, with overall edges and details appearing seamless, without noticeable aliasing. Compared to other third-party software for object selection, the Instant Object Selection feature of the OPPO Find X7 series offers advantages in terms of fast response, high precision, and simple operation.

OPPO Find X7 Instant Object Selection

Xiao Bu Assistant

Lastly, there is the intelligent voice assistant. The Xiao Bu Assistant of the OPPO Find X7 series has fully integrated a large AI model and achieved comprehensive evolution. Through the Xiao Bu Super Q&A, AI can become part of our daily lives, offering convenience, such as planning a detailed travel itinerary, writing a gastronomic review, or even creating a script for a themed short video. Based on the AndesGPT deployed on the device’s edge, the 7-billion-parameter large language model of the Find X7 series allows the Xiao Bu Assistant to provide faster responses and capabilities than other devices.

OPPO Find X7 Xiao Bu Assistant


From the OPPO Find X7 series to the Samsung S24 series, it’s clear that in 2024, major smartphone manufacturers are not only pursuing large AI model parameters, but also integrating AI technology into everyday life. Whether it’s the AI Smart Call Summary, AIGC Erase, or Xiao Bu Assistant on the OPPO Find X7 series, AI is truly offering convenience for users, allowing everyone to effortlessly enjoy efficient and intelligent AI experiences. We believe that in the future, more and more smartphone manufacturers will bring us more innovative, practical, and meaningful AI technology and experiences.

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