Magic6 Series: Mixed First Reviews

Honor Magic6 Series: Initial User Reviews

It is well known that after the release of a new phone, there is usually a period before the launch of another one, allowing users some time to prepare for purchasing the new device.

Speaking of new phones, the Honor Magic6 series has already been launched and has achieved impressive sales numbers.

With the current speedy delivery services, many users have already gotten their hands on the new device and have completed in-depth experiences with it.

As a result, the initial reviews have been officially released. It can be said that there are some very sharp negative reviews, along with mixed ones. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the user reviews.


First, let’s look at the reviews of the standard version of the Honor Magic6. Currently, the positive review rate has reached 98%, but there are also 9 mixed and negative reviews, all very sharp in their criticism.

The negative reviews primarily focus on issues with the in-screen fingerprint unlock, eye protection brightness adjustment, and battery consumption. Perhaps these issues will be resolved in future system updates.

The mixed reviews mainly concentrate on the camera and battery consumption. In particular, users have reported serious yellowish tint and ghosting in images taken in certain focal lengths, insufficient brightness in night photography, and a reddish tint in photos.

It must be said that these reviews have a significant impact on the Honor Magic6, but the majority of users do not see any significant problems.


Apart from the Honor Magic6, the reviews for the Honor Magic6 Pro have also been released. The data shows a positive review rate of 98%, but there are still quite a few mixed and negative reviews.

The negative reviews mainly focus on issues such as the malfunction of the dynamic capsule after receiving the product, presence of dust in the front camera, and the surprising lack of fast charging indication when using the original charger.

The mixed reviews concentrate on the inability to use Huawei services, failure to synchronize data albums, and restrictions on using Huawei Wallet. This situation is quite frustrating.

It can even be said that the relationship between Huawei phones and Honor phones will become increasingly distant in the future mobile phone market, and might even be completely replaced.


In fact, most of the reviews for the Honor Magic6 Pro focus on the system. It is estimated that MagicOS 8.0 is still in its initial version and will undergo subsequent updates and improvements.

Considering the specifications, its capabilities are robust, such as the built-in 5600mAh large-capacity battery, support for 80W wired fast charging and 66W wireless flash charging technology, in addition to a combination of a 50MP wide-angle camera, a 180MP periscope telephoto camera, and a 50MP ultra-wide-angle camera on the rear, as well as a 50MP wide-angle camera and 3D depth-sensing camera on the front.

Moreover, as a high-end flagship phone, the Honor Magic6 Pro also features satellite calling technology, which is indeed a notable selling point of the product itself.

So, from both the reviews and the specifications, there is indeed a sense of polarization. We can only patiently await official updates and improvements.

In my opinion, whether it is the Honor Magic6 or the Honor Magic6 Pro, the reviews can only be described as one-sided. It is essential to personally experience the products offline to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.


In conclusion, the reviews of the Honor Magic6 series are quite sharp, and for consumers looking to switch to a new phone, these reviews might play a role in their decision-making.

So, the question remains: what are your thoughts on the new phones? Feel free to share and discuss.

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