Meizu 21 Pro Leak: 16GB+1TB Launch Next Month

Recently, a digital blogger revealed that two new models, M481Q and M481S, from Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhuhai, have passed the national quality 3C certification. According to the certification screenshots, both models support up to 80W fast charging. The blogger also mentioned that these new Meizu phones are “unusual 8G5G versions that do not support satellite communication, featuring a rare 2K+ large-area ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and will be revealed after the holiday.” According to the latest leaks, the Meizu new phone is expected to arrive by the end of February, offering a 16GB+1TB storage configuration. Based on speculations, it is highly likely that this new phone is the long-rumored Meizu 21 Pro.

Meizu 21 Pro

Digital blogger @唯魅科技 has been releasing information about the new Meizu phone, stating that it will feature a rear camera setup with a 50MP main camera, a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a periscope telephoto lens with 3x zoom. It is expected to offer a 16GB+1TB storage combination and could be announced at the end of February. Previous leaks also suggested that this phone will have the “only large-area ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for a flagship”.

Meizu 21 Pro Rear Camera

Before this, digital blogger @体验more had leaked information mentioning, “Is this the Meizu 21 Pro? The appearance has not changed much, and the camera module does not protrude much. It will feature a wide-range ultrasonic sensor, Snapdragon 8gen3, 2k display, 80W+50W fast charging. The main camera is OV50H. Meizu satellite communication is also being tested.” According to the leaked photo of what seems to be the Meizu 21 Pro’s covered rear shell, the camera module’s design is similar to that of the Meizu 21, arranged in a vertical layout at the top left of the device.

Meizu 21 Pro Camera Module

It is evident that in addition to the 2K eye-protecting screen, the Meizu 21 PRO is testing the Haowei OV50H sensor and satellite communication function. As expected, all flagship phones this year will be equipped with satellite communication functionality, and Meizu is no exception. According to the leaks, the Meizu 21 Pro will be powered by the Snapdragon 8Gen3 chip, with a large 6.7-inch 2K ultra-narrow bezel display, supporting a large-area ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a built-in battery of about 5000mAh, 80W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging, and will come pre-installed with Flyme system based on Android 14.

Meizu 21 Pro Features

Meizu 21 Pro Features

Meizu 21 Pro Features

Based on the information currently available, the suspected Meizu 21 Pro has already passed the radio transmission equipment model approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, indicating support for UWB ultra-wideband technology. The telecom equipment entry permit shows that this 5G new phone has already been approved for network entry. Also, based on the national quality 3C certification, it has obtained certification. This indicates that the Meizu new phone has all three certificates required: the radio transmission equipment model approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the telecom equipment entry permit, and the China Compulsory Product Certification. Therefore, theoretically, this phone could be announced at any time.

Meizu 21 Pro Model Approval

Earlier, Meizu Technology’s Assistant Vice President, Wan Zhiqiang @一匹老万, had revealed that the Meizu 21 Pro is still in the planning stage, with no release date yet, and the price “could possibly go straight to 6000 yuan”. He also mentioned that the 21 is Meizu’s absolute flagship on the 8Gen3 and “is definitely the most beautiful flagship that is suitable for most people’s excellent experience”. However, the configuration information about the Meizu 21 Pro is currently only at the leak stage, and precise information will have to await an official announcement. Those interested can continue to follow our subsequent reports.

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