Samsung Galaxy S24: A New Era of Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: A New Era of Smartphones

On January 25, Samsung Electronics officially launched the new generation of high-end flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, targeting the Chinese market. The series includes three products: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24. Leveraging innovative Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces AI capabilities into smartphones, empowering easier communication and interaction, enhanced productivity, clearer imaging, and more detailed editing, thus popularizing the achievements of AI innovation.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Cui Shengzhi, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, stated, “The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will reshape the technological landscape with meaningful AI experiences, unlocking the door to the future through the integration of local and cloud-based comprehensive capabilities of Galaxy AI. This will inspire more possibilities for the future and enrich consumers’ diverse lives, enhancing the quality of daily life.”

AI is revolutionizing various aspects of life, and people are looking forward to technologies such as generative AI unlocking more possibilities for smartphones. Starting from user experience, Samsung collaborates with advanced forces in the AI industry to drive the implementation of large language models onto smartphones. Cui Shengzhi introduced that the Galaxy AI embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, with a combination of local and cloud-based AI, will reshape the smartphone user experience from different perspectives, providing users with on-the-go AI services.

When users plan to travel abroad and need to make advance reservations at local hotels or restaurants, they can use the real-time translation feature provided in native calls on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, without the need for third-party applications. This allows real-time translation of call content, facilitating seamless cross-language communication and direct interaction with locals to inquire about needs or seek itinerary advice. Moreover, users need not worry about the confidentiality of the call content, as this feature is based on completely offline AI technology, ensuring the privacy of their conversations. Furthermore, if users encounter something they want to learn about or like during their journey, they can take a picture and directly search through the “search on the spot” feature, enabling them to obtain the desired information without entering any keywords.

In day-to-day office work, Galaxy AI can also help users improve work efficiency. When there is a need to urgently record important information, users can not only use Samsung Notes for quick note-taking but the new Notes Assistant can also intelligently format note content, suitable for different scenes such as meetings or classes, and provide intelligent summaries and covers for the notes, making it easier for users to organize and find them. If attending important meetings, users can also use the transcribing assistant in the voice recorder, which, with on-device AI capability, can easily transcribe without the need for an internet connection, distinguish different speakers, translate text, and generate content summaries after connecting to the internet. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series further explores user intent and, combined with WPS AI capabilities, helps users generate various documents, providing richer and more valuable content.

Thanks to Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also possesses unimaginable post-editing capabilities, further enhancing the “output rate” for users. Intelligent photo editing suggestions can provide suitable adjustment recommendations based on photos, allowing users to quickly perform basic operations such as removing reflections and moire patterns. For adjusting the overall angle of a scene or moving an object within the scene, the generative editing feature can intelligently fill in background content during the editing process, providing greater freedom for secondary composition after shooting. If users want to slow down a dynamic video, they can simply long-press the video screen, and the instant slow-motion feature will interpolate frames based on the video screen, generating smooth slow-motion videos.

For many years, Samsung has been continuously exploring the path of localizing smart product development, committed to creating a rich smart life experience. During the creation of the AI experience for the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung China has established a strategic partnership with Baidu Intelligent Cloud, deeply researching how to integrate mobile scenarios with large models. Through long-term joint efforts, this has resulted in several AI applications based on the Baidu Intelligent Cloud’s Qianfan platform, allowing the superior experience of generative AI to reach a wider user base through the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Additionally, Samsung’s collaboration with Meitu Company further enhances the deep integration based on Meitu’s self-developed AI visual large model, MiracleVision, bringing practical and enjoyable functions such as AI image enhancement, enlargement, and generation to assist users in freely exercising creativity during the photo editing process, experiencing the infinite fun that AI brings to image editing.

AI has expanded the application scenarios of smartphones while also demanding higher performance. It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series has comprehensively upgraded components such as chipsets and displays. The third generation of the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy) provides a Galaxy-exclusive optimized experience, offering efficient AI processing capabilities for a rich variety of AI applications through significantly improved NPU performance.

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