Huawei’s Mate60 Dragon Case: Prettier & Cheaper than iPhone 15?

The Battle of Dragon-Themed Phone Cases: Apple vs. Huawei

For a long time, it has been commonly believed that among domestic smartphone manufacturers, only Huawei can compete with Apple in the high-end market. In fact, the competition between the two has extended beyond just product features to encompass brand value. This rivalry has even spread to various accessories beyond just phones. Recently, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Apple launched a special iPhone 15 Dragon Year protective case.

The price of this phone case has reached an astonishing 498 yuan. What kind of concept is this? The prevailing prices of phone cases in the market mostly range from 1 to 20 yuan, with high-end phone cases typically priced between 50 and 100 yuan. It is obvious that Apple’s phone protective case far exceeds the average price of high-end phone cases in the market, reaching a sky-high price!

iPhone15 Dragon Year Case

Of course, this Dragon Year phone case from Apple is indeed extraordinary. It is carefully designed by the renowned illustrator Yulong Lli, vividly depicting the spirit of the dragon with a splendid peony firework pattern, flowing lines, and bright colors, symbolizing celebration and auspiciousness. Additionally, the phone case cleverly integrates the rear camera of the iPhone 15 and is embedded with MagSafe magnets, making it compatible with Apple’s magnetic ecosystem, such as chargers, stands, and other accessories. Furthermore, it has passed the Drop+ test, claimed to be “3 times more durable than the U.S. military standard,” made from 50% recycled materials, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So, regardless of whether the price of 498 yuan is worth it or not, Apple has indeed generated a lot of attention with this Dragon Year phone case.

iPhone15 Dragon Year Case

Meanwhile, Huawei has finally made its move! Thinking that they wouldn’t be left behind, the official Huawei store has released multiple Dragon Year phone protective cases at once, covering the Mate60 series, Mat X5, and more. Moreover, the prices are much more reasonable compared to Apple, with the highest price reaching only 168 yuan. Additionally, the names are more in line with Chinese preferences, such as “Flying Dragon Pursuing the Sun,” “Dragon Prosperity and Nobility,” “Vibrant Dragon,” “Beautiful Dragon,” and so on.

In terms of design, there is a remarkably diverse range of styles, including silhouettes, realistic styles, and cartoon styles, catering to various preferences. However, personally, I think Huawei’s move to compete with Apple in phone cases is spot on.

Huawei's Dragon Year Case

Moreover, the prices are more affordable, and there is a greater variety of supported models and options to choose from. Yet, when it comes to the design aesthetics, surprise factor, and practicality of materials, Huawei’s Dragon Year phone cases for the Mate60 series are evidently slightly inferior to Apple’s iPhone15 Dragon Year phone case. Additionally, both are not compatible with phones from other brands, so they are not meaningful for individuals who own other brands of phones.

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