Which phone brand has the most loyal fans? See this data.

Are you going to choose the same brand for your next phone?

It is said that the loyalty of Apple and Huawei users is relatively high, and this is not just talk. According to the 2023 China Customer Satisfaction Index survey by Chnbrand, the loyalty of Apple users is 74.7% and Huawei’s is 71.2%. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

Next up is OPPO, with a user loyalty of 67.9%, which is also considered very good among domestic smartphone brands. Besides having high user loyalty, OPPO’s smartphone sales in 2023 were also quite good. According to Counterpoint statistics, OPPO ranked third in domestic sales last year, with a market share of 16.2%. The sales of their small foldable screen phones particularly stood out, with the Find N3 Flip becoming the top-selling small foldable phone of 2023!

With high sales and loyal users, it seems like good fortune is shining on OPPO!

Loyal Fans

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