iPhone Sales Drop as Local Brands Rise

Analysis Shows Apple’s iPhone Sales May Decline in 2024

According to the latest report from renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has lowered its estimated shipments of key semiconductor components for the 2024 iPhone to around 200 million units, reflecting a 15% decline compared to previous forecasts.

Among the major global smartphone brands in 2024, Apple is expected to experience the most significant decline.

Of course, Ming-Chi Kuo’s analysis does not indicate a bearish attitude towards Apple. Many American investment banks have issued similar reports. Last year, the sales of the latest iPhone series in China saw an unfavorable start, with a recent 30% decrease in comparison to the previous year.

According to these research institutions, with the increasing efforts of domestic Chinese smartphone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO, the appeal of the iPhone in the Chinese market is diminishing. Without significant changes, Apple may face a weakening purchasing power.

In fact, many users have expressed their opinions, stating that apart from its operating system, the iPhone lags behind domestic brands in terms of design, battery life, camera quality, and signal reception. It’s truly befuddling why one would still choose to purchase it.

This trend is further evidenced by customer loyalty. The loyalty of iPhone users in China stands at the highest of 52.8%. Among the users who have switched from iPhones, 15.3% have chosen Huawei, 8.9% have opted for OPPO, and 7.3% have selected Xiaomi.

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