AI Era Engulfs Phones, OPPO Goes All-In

The Era of AI is Accelerating into a New Phase in the Mobile Industry

With the acceleration of the AI era, the smartphone industry is stepping into the 3.0 phase. On February 20th, OPPO held the latest AI strategy conference, where they not only defined the four major capabilities improvement of the new generation of AI smartphones but also introduced the OPPO 1+N Intelligent Body Ecology Strategy. This strategy not only aims to propel the smartphone industry into the 3.0 AI era but also hands over the “helm” of the era to the users. It allows users to easily create their own exclusive AI intelligent body through natural language, achieving a vision where everyone is a developer, greatly expanding the scope and functionality of AI, inviting everyone to join the AI era.

Apart from the basic computing power requirements, OPPO pointed out that AI smartphones need to be able to keenly perceive the real world and possess strong self-learning capabilities. During the discussion, OPPO unveiled the 1+N Intelligent Body Ecology Strategy, where ‘1’ represents the OPPO AI Super Intelligent Body, and ‘N’ represents a brand new intelligent body ecosystem empowered by the OPPO AI Pro Intelligent Body Development Platform, bringing users a more diverse and rich AI functionality. Additionally, OPPO, in collaboration with IDC, released an AI White Paper to drive the smartphone industry comprehensively into the 3.0 AI era.

OPPO has always had a highly forward-looking vision. Even before the “AI smartphone era,” OPPO had deployed the Andes big data model and the Panthalassa universal system, widely used in various terminals. After entering the “AI smartphone era,” OPPO is committed to applying AI practically. For instance, the Find X7 series, which was previously released with the industry’s first edge-side 7 billion data model, integrates AI into various functions like OPPO AI Elimination, OPPO AI Call Summary, and the Xiaobu Assistant. These applications bring AI technology closer to everyone, promoting technological equality.

In practical experiences, many of OPPO’s AI features are remarkably convenient. For example, OPPO AI Elimination can quickly identify and remove unwanted obstructions or people in a scene with just a simple gesture, all with high speed and accuracy thanks to edge-side AI processing. On the other hand, OPPO AI Call Summary can recognize important content from phone calls and extract crucial points, eliminating the hassle for users to take notes, and making post-call reviews convenient. Furthermore, the more intelligent Xiaobu Assistant is also a pleasant surprise, as it not only understands natural language but also brings fun and interesting AI features during holidays, like the AI attire changing function introduced during the Chinese New Year, enriching the user experience further.

(OPPO Find X7 Ultra: OPPO AI Elimination)

(OPPO Find X7 Ultra: OPPO AI Call Summary)

With a strong presence in the field of AI, OPPO is backed by a vast amount of technological patents. In a recent joint release by IPRdaily and incoPat of the “PCT International Patent Application” rankings for Chinese enterprises in 2023, OPPO ranked fourth with 1849 patent applications. It is the only technology company focusing on mobile terminal devices within the top 5. Achieving this position is remarkable, as OPPO’s global patent applications have exceeded 98,000, with over 54,000 granted patents and 89,000 invention patent applications, where invention patents account for 91%.

Since the beginning of this year, AI development has accelerated further. The new Sora video production has shortened the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) decade-long marathon. In terms of smartphones, OPPO has also declared a comprehensive entry into the AI era, with both functionality and user experience already implemented. This signifies that AI at OPPO is not merely a slogan but a tangible reality. Considering their patent reserves, it is evident that OPPO, with its robust technical prowess, will come out with full force this year. Let’s wait and see what products and experiences they will bring in the future.

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