iOS 17.4 Beta4 Is Out!

Exciting Updates in the iPhone World

In today’s mobile phone market, there is an abundance of news about new devices. However, for Apple iPhone users, they can only look forward to some changes brought by system optimizations.

The update pace of iPhones is rather slow compared to other brands, with iOS system introducing development test updates almost every week.

Thus, fans of iPhones can mostly feel the existence of updates for their devices, while the real excitement usually comes with the new devices in the second half of the year.

However, before each iOS update, it’s not particularly recommended to update immediately. For example, iOS 17.4 Beta4 has already been pushed out.

In general, test versions usually don’t pose significant issues. This leads to many users hesitating to experience the updates firsthand.

Yet, some fans have carried out the update. For those who are still hesitating, it might be worth observing how the new devices perform before making a decision.

Let’s first take a look at the official update introduction. This update mainly aims to enhance the new iPhone 15 series devices. For older devices, it only fixes some errors and improvements without introducing new functions.

It’s worth mentioning that this version is labeled 24E5209b, indicating that there are still two test versions before iOS 17.4 will reach the official version. It is expected that around March 5th, Apple will release the official version of the system.

Now, let’s move on to the feedback from fans who updated their devices. Some fans noticed changes in the battery interface after updating to iOS 17.4 Beta4, such as the migration of battery cycle count from the “About This Phone” page to the “Battery Health” page.

Currently, only iPhone 15 systems support checking the battery cycle count from settings, indicating that exclusivity for new devices has become a norm.

Furthermore, some fans mentioned that after this update, when restarting iOS 17.4 for the first time, a new welcome screen with your personal avatar appears. However, most fans claim that in their daily usage, they rarely restart their phones, so the significance of this feature is relatively small.

Regarding bugs, some fans noted that issues like volume rebound and reminder ringtone rebound persisted even after updating to iOS 17.4 Beta4. Some users reported that since Beta1, the App Store doesn’t load, and after a restart, it only works for a few minutes, leading them to wait for the RC version in the future.

Also, after the update, some fans mentioned that network changes remained minimal, and the device’s heat emission post-update was surprisingly high. However, fans using the iPhone 15 series didn’t encounter these problems, showing a significant variation in the impact of the same update on different models.

Moreover, despite some updates in iOS 17.4 Beta4, for domestic users, the changes might seem less perceptible. For instance, a special interface for installing software via Spotlight on European models was added. Since side-loading is not applicable in the domestic market, this might create some inconvenience.

This update also includes optimizations for CarPlay 2.0, which could be enticing for fans who use it in their vehicles, prompting them to try out the update.

Overall, this update seems to offer minor changes, especially for older models that might struggle to notice significant variations.

Looking ahead in the smartphone market, the notable changes for iPhone devices are likely to focus on iOS 18. Apple is committed to enhancing the intelligence level of Siri and the built-in Spotlight search tool through training on large language models, enabling them to provide more accurate answers to complex questions.

Furthermore, deeper AI integration could be introduced for apps related to health, messages, Numbers, Pages, and Shortcuts, possibly extending to more areas.

Thus, it’s evident that the changes in iOS 18 will be substantial. However, consumers will have to patiently wait for these updates, with older models unlikely to benefit from them.

In conclusion, the exclusivity of the iOS system is indeed remarkable, leaving many users of older models constantly in a state of being left behind.

So the question arises, have you updated to iOS 17.4 Beta4? Feel free to reply and discuss.

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