Starting at $945, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone is officially launched.

On February 22, Xiaomi held the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and “All-in-One Ecosystem for People, Cars, and Homes” new product launch event.

Kicking off the event, Lu Weibing, the Xiaomi Group’s partner and president, brought some great news: Xiaomi’s mobile phone market sales have consistently ranked among the top three globally. Additionally, sales of high-end Xiaomi phones have been steadily increasing. In the launch month, the Xiaomi 14 series captured 38% of the market share in the price range of 4,000 to 6,000 yuan, claiming the top spot in the Chinese market at that time.

During this event, the last model of the Xiaomi 14 series, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, was officially unveiled, along with the introduction of the first AI large-model computing photography platform, “Xiaomi AISP.” This platform integrates CPU, GPU, NPU, and ISP computing power comprehensively, capable of delivering a computing power of up to 60 TOPS and providing features like “super snapshot” and “super negative film.”

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Smartphone

In terms of color options, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers classic choices of black, white, and blue. The white and black versions come with a matte leather back panel, while the blue version introduces a new ceramic material – Xiaomi Dragon Crystal Ceramic, which is more durable, lightweight, and adds a touch of luxury to the device.

On the hardware side, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3, with storage specifications of LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0 combination. The screen features a next-generation 2K screen from Huaxing Optoelectronics, adopting a fully curved design with a resolution of 3200×1440, a peak brightness of 3000 nits, and supports a 120Hz refresh rate.

The new device comes with a brand new high-strength Xiaomi Dragon Armor architecture. This architecture combines high-strength materials with advanced processes, ensuring a sturdy and reliable body structure. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features high-strength design elements in the body frame, screen material, and back panel material.

For the screen material, Xiaomi Dragon Glass is used, with a Vickers hardness of 860 HV0 025, surpassing the hardness of Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s second-generation Kunlun glass and AI glass screen. This results in a 10X improvement in drop resistance performance.

In the most anticipated photography aspect, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a new optical system – the Leica “All-Star” quad-camera setup, utilizing Xiaomi AISP large-model computing photography. It supports the professional street photography mode 2.0, with ultra-fast 0.7-second startup, no need for focusing, and instant capturing. Additionally, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has upgraded its “Professional Imaging Suite,” including a Kona leather protective case, 67mm filter adapter ring, colorful decorative rings, Type-C professional photography handle, lens cap, and handle strap.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Smartphone Camera

Moreover, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is equipped with a 5300mAh battery, supporting a 90W wired+80W wireless fast charging solution, and includes two Xiaomi self-developed Pungpa T1 chips. The phone supports satellite communication, ensuring users can stay connected with the outside world no matter where they are. Notably, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s two-way satellite communication supports real-time voice, two-way messaging, can carry wearable device vital signs data, and offers faster star finding, connection, and communication speeds.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Smartphone Features

Regarding pricing:

  • 12+256GB version is priced at 6499 yuan;
  • 16+512GB version is priced at 6999 yuan;
  • 16+1TB version is priced at 7799 yuan.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Titanium Special Edition is priced at 8799 yuan and will be available on March 12.

On the charging devices front, Xiaomi has introduced an 80W retractable air-cooled wireless charging kit priced at 499 yuan. This wireless charger supports adaptive lifting charging, features dual coils, and can be used with Xiaomi smartphones supporting wireless charging as well as other brands.

According to the introduction, when paired with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra for charging, this charging dock can charge to 100% in as fast as 49 minutes.

Reported by Li Xuanzi from Xiaoxiang Morning News.

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