Xiaomi 14 Ultra: Stunning 30x Zoom Clarity

2024-02-22 11:09:05 by Yao Liwei

Xiaomi 14 Ultra is set to be officially unveiled tomorrow (22nd February), focusing on enhancing the photography experience. Lei Jun stated on Weibo that with the support of advanced generative AI models, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra can maintain clear image quality even with a high zoom of over 30 times. This technology is referred to as the new “miracle” of computational photography by AIGC.

Recently, the lens hardware information of Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been disclosed. Today, the company also announced a comprehensive upgrade in optical and algorithm aspects. It’s reported that the portraiture engine of Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been upgraded to “portrait large model”. According to the official introduction, this “portrait large model” incorporates three major computational photography models – light and shadow, bokeh, and grayscale editing, offering a realistic layering, enhancing depth in the picture, and rendering skin details and texture more authentically.

Moreover, in this update, Xiaomi has introduced a new portrait shooting function. Users can personalize their photos using the built-in large portrait model of the phone. This feature is poised to deliver more professional and high-quality photo results.

The performance of Xiaomi 14 Ultra in photography has garnered significant attention. This new device is equipped with a powerful camera system, including a high-quality primary lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. Additionally, Xiaomi 14 Ultra supports 8K video recording and Dolby Vision format.

In conclusion, Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a highly anticipated new product. Its promising photography performance is worth looking forward to. As per the official announcement, Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be officially launched tomorrow (22nd February), showcasing its outstanding imaging capabilities and professionalism in the market ahead.

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