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Big news in the mobile phone industry!

On February 18th,

Renowned brand Meizu

announced the halt of traditional smartphone new projects

This news has sparked wide attention and discussions.

Meizu’s official WeChat account stated that currently, with the lengthening replacement cycle in the global mobile phone market, limited innovation in consumer space, and intensifying cut-throat competition in the industry, the mobile phone industry is facing unprecedented challenges. At the same time, relying solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competitions, mobile phone products are no longer able to meet the diverse and comprehensive usage needs and experiences of consumers, urging the industry to find new directions for sustainable development.

Meizu has decided to go All in AI, halting traditional smartphone new projects and fully investing in AI For New Generations for future devices, entering the broad prospects of the AI technology new wave. Meizu is set to realize the All in AI vision through three years of ecological layout and technological accumulation.

Many netizens commented:

So sudden!

While some others expressed:

Switching paths and moving forward

Just on the 17th,

OpenAI once again dropped a bombshell

by releasing the first text-to-video model, Sora

It can generate high-definition videos up to one minute long

based on user-input prompts and still images.

This release instantly set the tech world on fire.

No one expected that on the 18th, Meizu

would announce to go All in AI.

A Meizu insider from Xinji remarked

that halting the development of traditional smartphone new projects

does not mean they will no longer launch phone-shaped products

but rather integrate AI solutions into future products

to create completely different interactive experiences from traditional smartphones.

Meizu mentioned that during the transition period of going All in AI, users of the original Meizu Flyme, Flyme Auto, Flyme AR, MYVU, PANDAER, and boundaryless intelligent travel businesses will not be affected in terms of user experience and service. Existing Meizu phone products on sale will continue to provide regular software and hardware maintenance services for users. Users who have purchased Meizu 20 series and Meizu 21 flagship phones will continue to enjoy their original after-sales and related service guarantees.

As the replacement cycle in the global smartphone market extends

and smartphones are being questioned for facing innovation bottlenecks,

AI has become the common transformation direction for smartphone manufacturers.

In fact, on the same day as Meizu’s announcement, today, OPPO‘s founder and CEO Chen Mingyong also released an internal memo stating that AI phones will become the third stage after feature phones and smartphones. OPPO is fully prepared and has specially established an AI center to focus resources on AI.

In fact, the “war” of AI phones ignited last year. Manufacturers like Honor, OPPO, vivo, and others have successively launched phones equipped with end-to-end 70-billion-parameter large models. From an experiential perspective, the most noticeable changes lie in innovations in interaction and applications, such as AI call summary functions, text-to-video functions, and more.

But this clearly is not the ultimate form of AI phones. Aside from application innovations, whether the inherent form, interaction mode, and profit model of phones will undergo a truly innovative change is the biggest expectation of the outside world for the AI phone era. This will also be the challenge for Meizu and all smartphone manufacturers.

How do you view

the entry of major brands into the era of AI phones?

What are your visions for the future of smartphones?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Newshub, China Economic Net, Meizu Official Weibo

Editor: Tianyuan | Reviewer: Huya Ni | Approval: Anhui

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