Crucial Launches Pro Series DDR5 RAM & Gen5 SSDs

Micron Technology, Inc. Announces New Crucial Products

Micron Technology, Inc., known as Micron Technology around the world, and listed on the NASDAQ with the stock symbol MU, has unveiled two new products under the Crucial Ballistix Pro series: overclockable memory modules and faster Gen5 solid-state drives.

The Crucial Ballistix DDR5 Pro memory in its overclockable version provides a storage density of 16GB with speeds up to 6,000MT/s. This upgrade enhances performance, reduces latency, and improves bandwidth. This empowers gamers to gain a competitive edge and minimize performance bottlenecks while gaming. These powerful DDR5 overclockable DRAM modules are compatible with the latest DDR5 Intel and AMD CPUs, and all modules support Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO specifications, ensuring users can enjoy compatibility without any concerns.

The Crucial Ballistix T705 solid-state drive utilizes advanced Micron® 232-layer TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND technology, fully unleashing the potential performance of Gen5. It boasts lightning-fast sequential read and write speeds of up to 14,500MB/s and 12,700MB/s respectively (up to 1,550K/1,800K IOPS for random read and write speeds). This enables acceleration in gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and handling heavy workloads in AI applications. By leveraging the DDR5 Pro overclockable DRAM and T705 solid-state drive, enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals can harness the excellent speed, bandwidth, and performance to fully utilize the power of an AI-PC for processing, rendering, and storing vast amounts of AI-generated content.

Jonathan Weech, Senior Director of Product Marketing in the Micron Commercial Products Division, stated: “Today’s high-end PCs require outstanding memory and storage solutions to meet the growing demands of applications and workloads. The exceptional Crucial Ballistix T705 Gen5 solid-state drive and high-performance Crucial Ballistix DDR5 Pro overclockable DRAM products continue our design philosophy, catering to gamers, creators, and other users with high-performance needs, supporting them in making full use of the features provided by the new generation CPU platform.”


Overclocking Unleashed!

Features of Crucial Ballistix DDR5 Pro overclockable memory:

  • 36-38-38-80 extended timings, 25% lower latency than the plug-and-play version of Crucial Ballistix DDR5 Pro memory
  • Featuring an elegant origami-style aluminum heat spreader, enhancing various gaming PC setups
  • Higher frame rates for memory-demanding games such as “Rainbow Six® Siege,” “Forza Horizon 4,” “Horizon Zero Dawn™,” “Cyberpunk 2077®,” “Hogwarts Legacy™,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered,” or “Forespoken™” at 1080p and 1440p resolutions
  • Compatible with Intel Core Desktop CPUs from the 12th to 14th generation and AMD Ryzen Desktop CPUs from the 7000 to 8000G series

Furthermore, Crucial Ballistix has fine-tuned all XMP 3.0 and EXPO memory profiles to enhance CPU compatibility significantly without compromising overclocking stability and performance. By activating one of the pre-tuned profiles, users can easily overclock the CPU and memory, making it the simplest way to optimize performance.

Faster Crucial Ballistix Gen5 Solid-State Drive

The T705 solid-state drive comes in a capacity of up to 4TB, equipped with a high-quality black aluminum-copper heat spreader that efficiently dissipates heat without noisy fans or liquid cooling, fully leveraging Microsoft® DirectStorage and backward compatibility with Gen3 and Gen4 motherboards. There’s also a version available without a heat spreader for use with motherboard heat spreaders. A limited edition 2TB Crucial Ballistix T705 Gen5 solid-state drive with an exclusive white heat spreader will be released later in the global supply chain. Carefully designed to meet the aesthetic preferences of enthusiasts and gamers, it complements white motherboards and PC components beautifully.

Crucial Ballistix T705 Gen5 solid-state drive also offers:

  • Faster gaming experience and shorter game loading times compared to Gen4 solid-state drives that also support Microsoft DirectStorage
  • Compatibility with Intel® Core 13th, 14th generation CPUs, and AMD Ryzen™ 7000 CPUs

The Crucial Ballistix DDR5 Pro overclockable DRAM will be available in a 16GB density version starting February 27, 2024, with a 24GB density version to follow later in the year.

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