Zhang Yimou Joins Xiaomi 14 Ultra as Chief Imaging Advisor for 2024

Xiaomi Unveils Xiaomi 14 Ultra at the “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” Event

On February 22, Xiaomi held a product launch event in Beijing to unveil the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, a flagship in professional imaging, and a range of flagship products in the “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” category, including the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Redmi Book Pro 2024 series, and the professional gaming monitor Redmi Display G Pro 27.


The brand-new professional imaging flagship, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, represents a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge imaging technology and advanced hardware. It features a brand-new top-tier Leica Summilux optical lens system, the industry’s first AI large-scale computing photography platform – Xiaomi AISP, and renowned filmmaker Zhang Yimou as the chief imaging advisor to set new imaging standards. Additionally, it introduces the rugged Xiaomi Dragon Armor structure, the industry’s highest silicon content and energy density Xiaomi Jinsha River battery, and a breakthrough in scene-oriented experience with bidirectional satellite communication, marking a significant leap in hardware technology.

Starting from this event, Xiaomi moves beyond individual flagship products to continuously introduce advanced smart experiences integrating the “People-Car-Home” complete scenario. The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Redmi Book Pro 2024, and other “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” products launched at the event are powered by Xiaomi’s MIUI, significantly enhancing cross-device connectivity.

Lu Weibing, Xiaomi’s Group Partner and President, stated that behind Xiaomi’s first-ever “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” event lies not just the awe-inspiring product releases but also a breakthrough in Xiaomi’s understanding, technology, and strategic progress, propelling Xiaomi and the industry to new heights.


The Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be officially available for sale starting on February 27, with standard bidirectional satellite communication starting at 6499 yuan, while the Titanium special edition is priced at 8799 yuan. The Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium special edition that includes satellite communication is priced at 6999 yuan. The Redmi Book Pro 2024 starts at 4999 yuan for the 14-inch version and 5999 yuan for the 16-inch version. The Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4 starts at 3299 yuan, and the Redmi Display G Pro 27 starts at 1999 yuan, all available for purchase starting February 22. Additionally, all flagship phones and tablets support Wi-Fi 7, and Xiaomi is also expanding into Wi-Fi 7 routers, marking Xiaomi’s full entry into the Wi-Fi 7 era.

Advancing Towards a New Era of Mobile Imaging with Zhang Yimou as Chief Imaging Advisor

In 2022, Xiaomi established a humanistic imaging concept of “Surpassing the Human Eye, Perceiving the Human Heart” and collaborated with Leica to launch the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, presenting the authentic Leica tone in mobile imaging and commencing the era of humanistic imaging in mobile photography. Subsequently, in 2023, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra introduced professional Leica optics into mobile imaging, initiating the era of optical mobile imaging.

Entering 2024, Xiaomi’s exploration of humanistic imaging reaches new heights: breaking through in optical systems, computational photography, and aesthetic standards to achieve depth in reality through advanced technology and advanced aesthetics, thereby opening up a new level of mobile imaging.


On the optical front, Xiaomi and Leica’s imaging strategic collaboration reaches a new level as they establish the “Xiaomi × Leica Optics Research Institute.” This research institution, focused on optical foundational technology, crosses multiple disciplines such as digital imaging technology and AI, with a luxurious joint team comprising over 200 experts, including Leica’s legendary optical designer Peter Karbe. Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, stated that the “Xiaomi × Leica Optics Research Institute” brings together the best teams in mobile optics from Xiaomi and Leica to consistently build mobile imaging optical systems that lead the era.


The Xiaomi 14 Ultra represents the first milestone in Xiaomi and Leica’s drive to establish a new optical standard. It incorporates the most advanced optical design in mobile imaging, featuring a new generation of top-tier Summilux Leica optical lenses, the largest aperture and light intake in mobile photography to date, a second-generation LYT-900 one-inch sensor, capturing rich details. The three secondary cameras use IMX858 sensors, delivering consistent HDR technology, focusing, and noise reduction capabilities with the main camera, ensuring a seamless shooting experience. The introduction of a second-generation one-inch stepless variable aperture allows for more flexible exposure and depth of field control. ## Xiaomi 14 Ultra – Redefining Mobile Photography with Aesthetics and Technology

Two telephoto lenses seamlessly cover the core shooting scenes from 3.2X to 10X, excelling in macro photography to capture subjects both near and far with distinct layers.

In the realm of computational photography, Xiaomi’s imaging brain has been officially upgraded to Xiaomi AISP, becoming the world’s first AI-powered large-model computational photography platform. By integrating four independent engine modules – optical, tonal, color, and portrait – all supported by AI large models.

With the new AI large-model photographic computation platform, three new image capabilities exceed optical limits: UltraRAW provides unprecedented post-editing flexibility by redefining digital negatives, UltraZoom applies AIGC for high-precision redraw of optical data to significantly enhance clarity for zoom shots above 30x, and UltraSnap achieves continuous capture of 150 high-speed, high-quality photos across all algorithmic scenes.

Apart from the comprehensive upgrade in optical systems and computational photography, Xiaomi announces renowned filmmaker Zhang Yimou as the Chief Imaging Advisor, collaborating to set new imaging standards, recalibrate advanced aesthetics, and explore new frontiers in mobile imaging.

Through collaborative discussions with Zhang Yimou, Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s aesthetic boundaries are surpassed, presenting a new level of realism with the “layered reality” effect and introducing two distinctive features: “Master Portrait” and “Master Cinematic.”

The “Master Portrait” mode combines the iconic Leica Summilux optical system with the “Portrait LM Portrait Large Model” algorithm module in Xiaomi AISP, finely tuning the four focal segments to present portraits with enhanced depth and detailed layering, striving for a portrayal “slightly better than reality.” The new “Master Cinematic” mode provides a cinematic feel to videos with superior lighting, soft color transitions, and a storytelling essence.

During Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s imaging seminar, Zhang Yimou expressed admiration for Xiaomi’s imaging philosophy of “surpassing human vision and perception,” emphasizing the importance of understanding and capturing the era’s aesthetic trends by focusing on the essence of “layering.”

Self-developed Innovations Galore in Xiaomi 14 Ultra – Advancing “Hard Technology” to Perfection

Beyond image enhancements, Xiaomi 14 Ultra embodies cutting-edge technology, showcasing a fusion of self-developed innovative technologies, marking a milestone in Xiaomi’s advanced “hard-tech” evolution.

For instance, the debut of Xiaomi 14 Ultra introduces the Xiaomi Dragon Armor architecture, utilizing Xiaomi’s most advanced materials and craftsmanship for the chassis frame, screen, and back panel, ensuring durability and robustness. The beloved ceramic rear cover returns in the “Dragon Crystal Blue” version, now incorporating Xiaomi’s Dragon Crystal ceramic material for retained strength and tactile warmth while reducing weight by half compared to traditional ceramics.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra also debuts the Xiaomi Jinsha River Battery, with energy density reaching a record high of 779Wh/L within the same system and silicon content peaking at an industry-best 6%, reducing volume by 8%. This technical breakthrough defies the traditional constraints of smartphone batteries, achieving a balance between increased capacity, reduced size, and prolonged lifespan, offering an impressive battery life of up to 1.58 days for a secure user experience.

Furthermore, Xiaomi 14 Ultra introduces the Xiaomi Bidirectional Satellite Communication System, elevating satellite communication experiences to new heights by not only leading in basic performance but also crafting a more comprehensive user-centric experience based on diverse usage scenarios.

Pioneering the foundation, Xiaomi’s self-developed Thrilling T1 signal enhancement chip boosts signals by 21%, ensuring stable connectivity even over long distances. # Xiaomi Initiates a New Era with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Innovative Communication Technologies

Xiaomi’s groundbreaking OS has reconstructed the communication software architecture for satellite communication, with all satellite communication software channels independently developed by Xiaomi itself, achieving higher communication efficiency.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Regarding usage scenarios, Xiaomi satellite communication thoroughly considers users’ urgent communication needs in extreme situations. It supports extreme endurance mode and SOS emergency assistance mode, ensuring that even in scenarios like low battery or touchscreen malfunctions, users can still seek help through satellite communication. It also supports real-time acquisition of vital signs data such as heart rate and blood oxygen from wearable devices for immediate inclusion in distress messages. Additionally, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers a satellite signal amplifier accessory, which, when connected, maximizes the signal by 129%, enhancing communication capabilities in extreme environments.

Behind the exceptional satellite communication experience lies Xiaomi’s years of continuous dedication to communication technology. To date, Xiaomi has secured over 5900 authorized patents in the communication field, with over 14,000 patents pending. Within the past three years, 95% of the authorized patents were invention patents.

It is worth mentioning that a series of advanced process innovations of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been successfully validated in the newly established Xiaomi phone intelligent factory.

This factory, being Xiaomi’s first truly scalable mass-production intelligent factory, boasts an annual production capacity of millions of flagship phones. Simultaneously, the factory’s in-house developed assembly and packaging equipment has reached a self-reliance rate of 96.8%, while the overall factory’s software system self-reliance rate has hit 100%. Utilizing advanced technologies like IoT, 5G, cloud computing, big data, and AI, the Xiaomi phone intelligent factory has achieved comprehensive automation and digitization. This advanced capability enables it to more quickly meet increasingly stringent and diverse manufacturing process requirements.

“People, Cars, Homes—all connected”: Xiaomi Takes a Step Further

In 2023, Xiaomi experienced a pivotal moment, marking significant growth in its performance.

Xiaomi Growth

Among these achievements, Xiaomi’s smartphone shipment volume has maintained a top-three global position for 14 consecutive quarters, forming a stable tripartite structure alongside Apple and Samsung. The high-end sector has seen a substantial growth, with the Xiaomi 14 series securing a 38% market share in the 4K-6K price segment in its debut month, propelling Xiaomi to reclaim the top spot in the Chinese domestic market in the fourth quarter of last year. Xiaomi introduced the world’s first “People, Cars, Homes-all connected” operating system, the Xiaomi Pongpoi OS, which now connects over 823 million devices worldwide. The unveiling of the Xiaomi car SU7, featuring cutting-edge technologies like large-scale die-casting and super motors, marks a series of self-developed hardcore innovations, solidifying the comprehensive closed-loop ecosystem of “People, Cars, Homes.”

Lei Jun, the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, stated that Xiaomi made three crucial moves in 2023: setting clear goals for the new decade from 2020 to 2030 by focusing on investing in fundamental core technologies to become a leading global hardcore tech pioneer, outlining Xiaomi Group’s new strategy, which revolves around “People, Cars, Homes-all connected,” delineating six subsidiary strategies encompassing advanced capabilities in the high-end sector, industry leadership, OS strategy, AI strategy, chip strategy, and new retail strategy, and interpreting Xiaomi’s cultural values.

During the recent product launch event, flagship products such as the Xiaomi notebooks and tablets were unveiled, all factory-equipped with the Xiaomi Pongpoi OS, providing an advanced intelligent experience that spans the entire “People, Cars, Homes” scenario. With more new members adopting the Xiaomi Pongpoi OS, proactive and interconnected cutting-edge experiences are set to cover an increasing array of scenarios.

For instance, the brand-new Redmi Book Pro 2024, leveraging the foundational capabilities of the Xiaomi Pongpoi OS, enhances cross-device experiences, application transition experiences, and Windows/Android ecosystem integration. The introduction of the “AI Dynamic Performance Scheduling Technology” from smartphones to laptops has significantly improved battery life. Simultaneously, the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro12.4, factory-equipped with the Xiaomi Pongpoi OS, has demonstrated a substantial leap in experience through the integration of hardware and software, resulting in a 34% smoother operation in multi-window usage and a 12% reduction in power consumption. As a crucial component of the “People, Cars, Homes-all connected” ecosystem, the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro12.4 can connect to the Xiaomi SU7 for in-car integration, instantly connecting to the car’s Wi-Fi and triggering the vehicle control interface, delivering an innovative native in-car experience.

Lu Weibing announced that 2024 will mark the comprehensive rollout of Xiaomi’s “People, Cars, Homes-all connected” ecosystem.

Xiaomi Products
Xiaomi Ecosystem # Xiaomi’s “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” Strategy

Under the strategic framework of “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem”, Xiaomi is leading comprehensively with advanced technology and cutting-edge experiences. Xiaomi’s vigorous OS fully integrates the three major scenarios of people, cars, and homes, driving the industry chain forward. Together, they cultivate a super-intelligent ecosystem centered around people, actively serving their needs.

It is reported that on the evening of February 25th, Xiaomi will hold a global launch event in Barcelona, officially unveiling the Xiaomi “People-Car-Home Full Ecosystem” strategy and the Xiaomi Vigorous OS to the international audience. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra will also be globally released for the first time.

With a brand-new Xiaomi stepping up to a higher level, it is resolutely advancing on the path of continuous growth and constant innovation.

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