Baidu Revamps AI for Business

Date: 2024-02-23 18:00:23

Author: Yao Liwei

Baidu AI for Business

According to media reports, He Junjie, Senior Vice President of Baidu Group and Head of the Mobile Ecosystem Business Group, recently disclosed that one of the goals for the first quarter of 2024 is to lead the development of the artificial intelligence industry, reshape representative scenarios, and generate income.

Last year, with the official release of Wenxin Yiyen, Baidu announced the vision of “AI reconstruction across all businesses.” Throughout 2023, Baidu’s key work and internal series of reforms have revolved around AI. However, despite the fact that overall performance and revenue did not immediately benefit from AI technology, there was still some improvement compared to the previous year’s downturn.

After a year of time and technological layout, AI features or tools have been launched in major products such as Baidu App, search, Wenku, and Tieba. According to He Junjie’s New Year’s goal plan, achieving profitability through AI will be the key task for the Mobile Ecosystem Business Group in 2024.

Furthermore, reports also suggest that Baidu sees short dramas as the most likely direction to increase user engagement. During the Spring Festival, Baidu App listed over 1000 short dramas for free viewing. These measures are expected to further enhance user stickiness and have a positive impact on driving traffic growth.

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