Xiaomi 14 Ultra Launch: Zhang Yimou as Chief Imaging Advisor

Xiaomi Unveils Xiaomi 14 Ultra and “All-Scenario Smart Living” Product Line at a Grand Event in Beijing

Xiaomi recently held a grand launch event in Beijing, showcasing the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and the new product line under the theme of “All-Scenario Smart Living.” The event not only introduced the highly anticipated flagship professional imaging smartphone, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, but also unveiled a range of flagship products including Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4, Redmi Book Pro 2024 series, and the professional gaming display Redmi Display G Pro 27.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Launch Event

As the centerpiece of the event, Xiaomi 14 Ultra became the focal point with its outstanding performance and innovative technology. Featuring the new top-tier Leica Summilux optical lens system, the phone introduced the AI-driven large model computing photography platform Xiaomi AISP for the first time. Renowned director Zhang Yimou was appointed as the chief imaging advisor to explore new horizons in imaging together.

Lei Jun mentioned that apart from understanding the concept of “layers” and mastering the depth professionally, the director repeatedly emphasized not to stick to conventions but to lean towards the younger generation and the future.

“To make movies, to create images, one must understand human emotions and grasp them. This is an eternal standard. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy. We look forward to Xiaomi Imaging and Director Zhang Yimou together opening up a new dimension of mobile imaging.”

In a video played at the event, Zhang Yimou discussed that Chinese aesthetics also have a certain orientation. The era of pursuing vibrant colors is over. He mentioned that he also watches many short videos in his daily life to feel the psychology of the masses. “The effect of image presentation should be slightly more beautiful than the colors in real life, subtly enhancing without exaggeration; that’s the sense of layers.”

Lu Weibing, the General Manager of Xiaomi, introduced at the event that Xiaomi invited Director Zhang Yimou to serve as the chief imaging advisor, providing in-depth guidance for the development of Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s imaging system. Together, they discussed and introduced the “Master Portrait” to deliver a cinematic-level imaging experience to users.

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra not only made comprehensive advancements in imaging capabilities but also achieved significant breakthroughs in hard technology. The adoption of Xiaomi Dragon Armor architecture for the first time ensured the phone’s durability and reliability. Additionally, the phone is equipped with the industry’s highest silicon content and energy density Xiaomi Jinsha River battery. It also features a breakthrough in scene-based experience with two-way satellite communication, offering users an unprecedented hard technology experience.

Apart from Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the event also introduced multiple “All-Scenario Smart Living” products. These new products all run on Xiaomi’s Thunder OS, significantly enhancing cross-device connectivity and providing users with a more convenient smart experience.

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Lu Weibing, the Xiaomi Group Partner and President, stated that the “All-Scenario Smart Living” launch event marked a significant breakthrough in Xiaomi’s history. It was not only about product launches but also represented a new level of cognitive, technological, and strategic upgrade for Xiaomi. This event signifies a new level of evolution for both Xiaomi and the entire industry.

It is reported that Xiaomi 14 Ultra will officially go on sale on February 27th, starting from 6499 yuan, while the Titanium Special Edition will be priced at 8799 yuan. At the same time, several other new products will also start their official sales on February 22nd. These flagship phones and tablets all support Wi-Fi 7, indicating that Xiaomi has fully embraced the Wi-Fi 7 era.

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In striving towards a “new level” of mobile imaging, Xiaomi’s collaboration with Leica has reached new heights. The two parties have jointly established the “Xiaomi√óLeica Optical Research Institute” to drive innovation and development in mobile imaging optical systems. This collaboration is expected to bring more possibilities to the future of mobile imaging.

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