Can iOS 17.4.3 be updated? Real iPhone 13 upgrade review—worth it!

Should You Upgrade to iOS 17.4.3? A Review of iPhone 13’s Upgrade Experience

Many users may have noticed that iOS 17.4.3 has been officially released. When it comes to this new system, many users are hesitant about whether they should upgrade and if they can upgrade. Truth be told, upgrading to a new iOS system involves an element of luck as the experience post-upgrade varies depending on different models and configurations.

Can iOS 17.4.3 be updated?

To address users’ doubts, I have upgraded my iPhone 13 from the original iOS 16.6 to iOS 17.4.3. Below, I will share in detail the real experiences post-upgrade. To cut to the chase, there have been improvements in battery life and signal strength after the upgrade. I recommend upgrading!

iPhone 13 Upgrade Review

Firstly, the signal issue on iPhones is often criticized, and it’s undeniable that this is indeed a weakness of the iPhone. During the Spring Festival travel rush, while on the train back home surrounded by people, mountains, and vehicles, in various challenging conditions, the signal on the iPhone 13 often dropped to just one bar with very slow internet speed. It even struggled to open WeChat, with chat boxes continuously loading.

iPhone 13 Signal Strength

However, after upgrading to iOS 17.4.3, during the return train journey, there was a noticeable improvement in signal strength. On the high-speed train, the signal could reach 2-3 bars, and the internet speed improved as well. Even in low-signal areas like underground parking lots and train stations, scanning QR codes became faster without noticeable lag.

iOS 17.4.3 Signal Improvement

Secondly, in terms of battery life, the overall impression of iPhone 13 after upgrading to iOS 17.4.3 is positive. There wasn’t a drastic drop in battery performance – it was consistent. In testing, after watching short videos for an hour, the battery dropped by around 9%, whereas prior to the upgrade, under the same conditions, the drop was around 14%. Clearly, upgrading to the new system has significantly improved the battery performance of iPhone 13. For this reason, users of older models like iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 can confidently upgrade without concerns.

iPhone 13 Battery Life

Moreover, regarding the heating issue of iPhone 13, during this year’s Spring Festival, there were instances where a “temperature too high, please wait before using” reminder popped up while charging with a power bank, especially during prolonged video watching, gaming, or charging sessions. However, after upgrading to iOS 17.4.3, such high-temperature alerts rarely occurred, indicating some improvement in iPhone 13’s heating problems. As the temperature began rising rapidly post-Spring Festival, if your iPhone experiences significant heating issues, upgrading to iOS 17.4.3 is recommended.

iPhone 13 Heating Issue

Lastly, concerning the smoothness of iPhone 13, I believe that unless it’s an extremely outdated model, there’s no need to worry about performance issues post-system upgrade, including to iOS 17.4.3. To be honest, iOS 16.6 wasn’t slow per se, just the response time was slightly delayed, especially when launching apps. However, after upgrading to iOS 17.4.3, there was a noticeable speed boost, and the overall performance was smooth without notable lags. In conclusion, after upgrading to iOS 17.4.3, the overall user experience of iPhone 13 is quite satisfying without major problems.

iPhone 13 Performance

Of course, I believe that when it comes to upgrading iOS systems, one should choose according to their needs. Users do not necessarily have to try every new system that comes out, especially if the differences between closely released systems are not significant as they mainly fix minor issues. If you encounter challenging problems during use like lagging, rapid battery drain, weak signals, etc., then perhaps trying out the new system is worthwhile. However, frequent upgrades to new systems are not always necessary! What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment below!

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