Epic MS Win11 Update, No Reboot Needed

Microsoft Plans to Introduce “Hot Patch” Feature in Windows 11 Updates

According to reports from overseas media on February 24th, Microsoft is planning to introduce a “hot patch” feature in the upcoming Windows 11 updates, allowing users to no longer need to restart their computers after installing monthly cumulative updates.

The working principle of a “hot patch” is to “patch the memory code of running processes without the need to restart them.”

Reports indicate that Microsoft intends to use the “hot patch” feature on Windows 11 to provide monthly security updates, eliminating the need for a reboot after installation.

However, “hot patching” still relies on baseline updates, requiring a restart every few months.

This implies that ideally, only four months in a year would require a restart for security updates, namely, January, April, July, and October.

Currently, Microsoft has started implementing this solution on some Windows Server editions and Xbox devices, with plans to extend it to the Windows 11 system.

Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out a service update to Windows Insider members, enabling devices with VBS to receive the KB5036080 update, which does not require a reboot after installation, raising the version number to Build 26058.1400.

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