NVIDIA CEO: Huawei is great!

Huang Renxun, CEO of NVIDIA, Praising Huawei’s Technological Capabilities

Recently, Huang Renxun, the CEO of NVIDIA, in an interview with the renowned tech magazine “Wired”, mentioned Huawei, a global tech giant. Huang praised Huawei generously, acknowledging it as an outstanding company. Despite facing limitations in existing semiconductor processing technologies, Huawei has shown the ability to effectively combine multiple chips to build highly competitive systems.

NVIDIA CEO Interview

Regarding semiconductor export control, Huang Renxun believes that these regulations impose significant cost burdens on Chinese companies like Huawei. He explained that while it’s technically possible to manufacture systems by aggregating more chips, it undoubtedly increases the unit cost. These regulations act like speed limits on a highway, constraining the rapid development and application of technology.

Huang Renxun also emphasized the importance of Moore’s Law in today’s tech domain. He sees Moore’s Law evolving into a systemic issue covering a wide range of areas, not just confined to the chip sector. Nowadays, Moore’s Law focuses more on the connectivity and collaboration capabilities among multiple chips. He mentioned that around 10 to 15 years ago, we embarked on the journey of computer decomposition, enabling seamless connection of multiple chips to work together.

Furthermore, Huang Renxun revealed that some customers have to wait for NV’s AI GPUs for several months, underscoring the tense situation in the current semiconductor market and the issue of supply-demand imbalance.

Huang Renxun’s positive evaluation of Huawei truly reflects his recognition and respect for the company. At the same time, he calls on governments worldwide to relax restrictions on chip exports to promote the healthy development of the global tech industry. In the future, we look forward to seeing more excellent companies like Huawei freely compete on a global scale and collectively drive technological advancement.

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