Zhou Hongyi: Sora Works Like Dreaming

On the morning of February 20th, Zhou Hongyi, the founder and chairman of 360, released a video sharing his insights on Open AI’s latest Wensheng video large model, Sora. He wrote: “Sora’s working principle is like dreaming for humans. In the future, when comparing AGI, it will be about computing power and understanding of the world.”

In the video, he mentioned: “When using traditional methods from computers, graphics, and special effects in the film industry to recreate some scenes, what we like is to work with 3D model components, establish lighting, deal with particle models, and then render frame by frame. This method is actually very inefficient and expensive. It simulates this world in the dumbest way possible. But Sora’s approach is very much like how humans dream – we dream of all sorts of strange things, and the basis for dreaming is what our eyes see in normal life. This accumulated experience does not require 3D modeling and frame-by-frame rendering.” He even likened the recent bugs observed in Sora that people are concerned about in the video to the illusions that occur when people dream, which defy the laws of reality.

Source: @Zhou Hongyi

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