Meizu 21 PRO: AI Era’s Top Phone Coming Soon

Meizu Announces Launch of Meizu 21 PRO Smartphone with Advanced Features

Meizu Technology recently announced that a special event is scheduled to take place on February 29th at 19:00, where it is expected to unveil the highly anticipated Meizu 21 PRO smartphone. This new device is set to feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, along with an advanced 2K screen and innovative large-area ultrasonic fingerprint technology. Additionally, the Meizu 21 PRO will support 80W fast charging, make advancements in AI technology, and is poised to compete in various aspects with market competitors like Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei Pocket 2.

Meizu 21 PRO

In a confident statement yesterday, the Chairman and CEO of Meizu Group expressed that with its cutting-edge AI concept, the Meizu 21 PRO is confident in competing with flagship models from brands like Xiaomi and Huawei in the market. He emphasized that despite Meizu’s decision to fully transition to the AI field, the release of this phone remains a commitment to Meizu fans and marks a perfect ending to Meizu’s era of smartphones.

It is reported that the Meizu 21 PRO not only breaks through in hardware configuration but also sees significant improvements in imaging technology. The device is expected to feature the Sony OV50H sensor, supporting 8K video recording, providing users with outstanding photography and video experiences. Moreover, the Meizu 21 PRO will also come equipped with a periscope telephoto lens, supporting wired fast charging at 100W and wireless charging at 50W, further enhancing its overall performance.

It is worth noting that Meizu Technology recently announced the halt of new projects for traditional “smartphones,” including models following the Meizu 21 PRO, and is shifting its focus entirely to the AI field. This decision reflects the company’s steadfast confidence in the future development of AI, with plans to create AI models, AI chips, and AI cloud services in the future to offer users a more intelligent and convenient experience.

Meizu 21 PRO

The launch of the Meizu 21 PRO is not only a retrospective of the Meizu brand’s history but also a significant step into the future AI era. With the release of this new device, Meizu will officially embark on a new chapter of AI transformation, bringing more innovation and surprises to users.

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