Meizu’s Trio to Reunite?

Reunion of Meizu’s Trio

Meizu’s “Three Musketeers” back in the day is a well-known story among industry insiders. They were Bai Yongxiang, Yang Yan, and Li Nan. Even though the responsibilities of these three individuals were different, they collectively supported Meizu during its prime, which can be considered as one of the most glorious moments in Meizu’s history. However, following the disbandment of Meizu’s Three Musketeers, Meizu faced…

Meizu's Trio to Reunite

No one would have expected that in a special event held by Meizu on February 29th, the official invitation extended to Yang Yan, who will participate as a guest speaker. Yang Yan played a crucial role in Meizu’s past success and was instrumental in the astounding success of Meizu’s Flyme operating system, establishing a positive reputation. As the former head of Meizu’s Flyme division, he was the driving force behind Flyme. Since 2011, all core designs of Meizu’s software products were personally overseen by Yang Yan. The reasons for his departure from Meizu later on remain somewhat unclear.

Now, with his return officially announced, this wave of nostalgia is likely to evoke memories for many old Meizu fans. Whether this reunion will have any impact on the current Meizu 21 Pro is still uncertain, considering that these are all events from the past.

Meizu's Trio to Reunite

Compared to the more mysterious departures of Yang Yan and Bai Yongxiang, Bai’s absence for over a year stands out. There was a period when Bai did not make any public appearances. Some Meizu fans inquired about Bai Yongxiang’s whereabouts on Meizu’s forums, to which Huang Zhang suggested that the focus should not be on the personnel changes at Meizu but on the products instead. He even mentioned, “He sold his Meizu Pro 7.” Indeed, Bai Yongxiang can be considered a veteran figure at Meizu, having joined even before Meizu started making phones. However, due to the failure of the Meizu Pro 7 model, there have been no updates about him since.

Meizu's Trio to Reunite

Among these three individuals, Li Nan is the most famous, and the reasons are well understood by all. Even after leaving Meizu, he still maintains a certain level of internet popularity. Interestingly, the promotion for the Meizu 21 Pro this time was initiated by Li Nan. With the official announcement of Yang Yan’s attendance, there is now speculation whether Bai Yongxiang will also be invited to the event in the future as part of the promotion activities. It’s indeed a hot topic as it involves the reunion of Meizu’s former Three Musketeers!

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