Tecno’s First Dual-Core Gaming Phone Coming This Year!

Latest Update: Infinix Unveils First Dual-Core Flagship Gaming Phone at MWC 2024

In today’s latest news at the MWC exhibition, Infinix, a sub-brand of Transsion, has introduced its first “Dual-Core Flagship Gaming Phone.”

Infinix stated that they have redefined the mobile gaming experience using AI technology. At the same time, they showcased the seamless integration between the Dimensity 9300 chip, CoolMax active cooling system, and AI management platform to the public. With these specifications, this phone achieved an outstanding score of 2,215,639 on the Antutu platform.

Image of Infinix Gaming Phone

Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip and Pixelworks visual processor, the Infinix gaming phone can run games at a refresh rate of 180Hz on FHD+ (1920×1080P) resolution, and it can even handle games at 144Hz on WQHD+ (2560×1440P) resolution.

Notably, Infinix also introduced the world’s first semiconductor air-cooling system, CoolMax. The company claims that CoolMax can reduce the phone’s temperature by up to 10°C.

Image of Infinix Cooling System

Infinix further mentioned that with the help of AI algorithm chips, the core utilization rates can be dynamically adjusted based on different scenarios. This not only reduces overall power consumption but also enhances the stability of the chip’s performance output.

Regarding the release date of this flagship gaming phone featuring the “Dual-Core” concept, the official plan is to launch it within the year 2024.

Image of Infinix Launch Date

In addition, the exhibition also showcased some cutting-edge technologies, including the industry’s first battery technology that allows charging at temperatures as low as -40°C, programmable phone backplate technology based on E Ink, and the “AirCharge” wireless charging technology.

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