Meizu 21 Pro Launches Mar 29

February 27, 2024 13:00:45 by Yao Liwei

Meizu 21 Pro Launch

Meizu announced on February 21st that they are soon releasing a smartphone named 21 Pro, featuring the mTouch Max wide-range ultrasonic fingerprint technology, promising a faster and more secure unlocking experience. This phone is set to debut at a special Meizu event on February 29th.

Previously, Meizu had successfully used the Qualcomm 3D Sonic single-point ultrasonic fingerprint recognition solution on its 18 series phones. However, the upcoming 21 Pro will be Meizu’s first product to incorporate the mTouch Max wide-range ultrasonic fingerprint technology.

As per the official teaser poster, this phone will come with a 6.79-inch screen and a centered single-hole flat design, providing a comfortable one-handed grip. Progress has also been made in terms of 3C certification and network access permits, with model numbers M481Q and M481S, with certifications indicating support for up to 80W fast charging.

Notably, ahead of its launch, the Meizu 21 Pro, which has drawn external attention, is not deviating from the traditional path of “smartphones” to transition towards AI; instead, it plans to unveil this phone at a special event on February 29th.

Regarding its price, the final retail price is currently unknown. However, according to information leaked on e-commerce platforms, the starting price for the Meizu 21 Pro will be around 5299 yuan.

Moreover, Meizu has confirmed that the special event scheduled for the 29th will proceed as planned. Will this new smartphone bring improved performance and user experience? Let’s wait and see!

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