Xiaomi’s Lei: SU7, Top Pick for Apple Fans

Written by Yao Liwei on 2024-02-29 at 15:01:47

Xiaomi's Lei Su7 - Top Pick for Apple Fans

According to the latest news, Apple was recently exposed to have canceled its development project for electric cars. This new business venture, which has been under exploration for ten years, was terminated before being officially launched. In response, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, expressed great astonishment. He emphasized that Xiaomi is well aware of the challenges in car manufacturing, yet three years ago, he firmly decided to enter the field of smart electric vehicles.

It is worth noting that Lei Jun recently published a new blog post where he pointed out that following Apple’s exit from the car-making industry, Xiaomi’s SU7 will become the top choice for Apple fans to purchase a smart electric vehicle. This is because the Xiaomi SU7 is currently one of the smart electric cars with the strongest support for iPhone ecosystem features. It supports protocols like wireless CarPlay and AirPlay, enabling deep integration and seamless transition.

Many domestic car brands are reluctant to open up Apple’s CarPlay service to establish their own in-car devices and ecosystems. However, Xiaomi’s car, being a mobile phone brand, is able to provide this feature, showcasing promising market prospects. Most importantly, the Xiaomi SU7 also features a rear-seat extension screen function, fully compatible with the native vehicle system, allowing users to control features such as air conditioning, music, and seats through this function.

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