Safari 190 Beta Released: Enhanced Features & Fixes

Safari Technology Preview Update 190 released with Enhanced Features and Fixes

Apple has launched an update for Safari Technology Preview version 190 today. This update focuses on fixing and enhancing various features including history, CSS, HTML, Java, media, network, SVG, URL, Web API, and Web Inspector.

Safari Update

Users can install the latest version by accessing the “Software Update” option in the “System Preferences” or “System Settings” through their browsers.

Here are the key updates included in this release:

  • Added support for CTAP functionality.
  • Support for the safe keyword in flexbox properties in CSS.
  • Added support for CSS style containment queries.
  • Fixed the History attribute to throw a SecurityError when not fully active in a document.
  • Added support for the shadowrootclonable attribute, consistent with standard changes in declarative shadow roots. Particularly, developers must now set this attribute if they want their declarative shadow roots to be cloneable.
  • Using eval directly in default value expressions within rest parameters will now create a variable in the function environment instead of creating a variable in the standalone environment of the parameter.
  • Corrected the font size calculation for pseudo-elements to fix subtitle sizing in full-screen mode.
  • Removed the non-standard VTTRegion.track.
  • Fixed upgrading inactive or passive subresource requests in potential mixed security contexts.
  • Fixed issues loading WebArchives with non-persistent data storage.
  • Added support for the turn unit in SVG.
  • Addressed the problem in the Web API network application interface where changing the width or height of HTMLCanvasElement would cause intermediate buffer allocation.

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