Android 15 to feature satellite comms!

March 12, 2024 16:40:36 by Liwei Yao

According to foreign reports, Google is currently developing native satellite communication functionality for Android and is expected to integrate it into the upcoming Android 15 system. In-depth investigations have revealed semi-finished code related to satellite communication, including a new “Satellite Messages” tab in the phone system settings and the option to “Send and receive messages via satellite”.

Previously, in Google’s latest version of “Adaptive Connectivity Services,” a “Satellite Communication SOS” feature has also been introduced. This functionality allows users to send emergency messages using satellite communication when mobile networks and Wi-Fi are unavailable.

It is worth mentioning that domestic smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Honor, and Xiaomi have already added satellite communication capabilities to their flagship phones. With Google incorporating this feature into the Android system, it is expected that more manufacturers will start standardizing this functionality.

On the other hand, reports indicate that Android Authority found evidence in the recently released Android 14 PQ3 Beta1 version. This suggests that Google plans to transition this feature from an experimental stage to a market-ready product.

Analysis suggests that as mobile network coverage continues to expand and data traffic costs decrease, users are becoming more tolerant of situations where network connectivity is unavailable for extended periods. Therefore, satellite communication functionality could become a practical choice.

However, it is currently unclear how Google plans to implement this feature, and more details are expected to be disclosed in the coming months.

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