DeRun Group shines at Industry Internet Conference, drawing a smart manufacturing blueprint.

Industry Internet Ecology Conference Shines with DeRun Group’s Participation

Recently, the Industrial Internet Ecology Conference was grandly held at the Science and Technology Center in the high-tech zone. DeRun Group, a leading company in the environmental protection industry, was invited to attend this prestigious event. Su Qingzhu, the President of DeRun Group, participated in the conference and discussed with industry colleagues the application and development of the industrial Internet in the field of smart manufacturing.

DeRun Group at Industry Internet Conference

The conference brought together numerous well-known companies, experts, and scholars, advocating for the deep integration of industrial Internet and smart manufacturing to promote industrial upgrading and transformation. DeRun Group, as a standout player in the environmental technology sector, has actively embraced the industrial Internet in recent years, continuously incorporating artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other technologies into actual production, injecting new vitality into the industry’s development.

DeRun Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreements

During the event, DeRun Group signed strategic cooperation agreements with several companies including He Gang Digital and Chanchengshurong. In-depth exchanges and collaborations were conducted with participating companies focusing on new production forces, industrial Internet technologies, digital technology applications, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the group’s industrial chain coordination and sustainable development.

DeRun Group's Latest Progress in Industrial Internet Field

At the roundtable forum session, Su Qingzhu, the President of DeRun Group, shared the company’s latest research advancements and practical applications in the industrial Internet field with the attendees. In recent years, DeRun Group has been actively introducing advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things to enhance the operational efficiency and stability of environmental protection equipment, making the products more intelligent, high-end, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, DeRun Group is actively exploring the deep integration of industrial Internet and environmental protection businesses, driving the transformation and upgrading of the environmental protection industry.

DeRun Group's Commitment to Industrial Internet Development

In the future, DeRun Group will continue to increase its investment in the industrial Internet field, promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading to contribute more to building an intelligent, green, and efficient manufacturing system. Moreover, the company will strengthen cooperation and communication with other enterprises to jointly propel the industrial Internet and smart manufacturing industry in the high-tech zone and even throughout the entire city to new heights.

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